Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is it $ 3,000.00 in candy will make you sick?

Today watching TMZ heard that Mrs. Britney Spears was at some hotel in Las Vegas Nevada, with her kid’s. She having a crying kid on her hands and she decide to drop by the sugar factory located in side of the hotel and buy $ 3,000.00 in candy that was delivered to her suite, and did make me think how stupid could be certain famous people.

Top it all with the fact that understandably is their money but the economy is not in the best shape ever and people of middle class is struggle-making ends met. Personally, I think this crazy woman thought that buying some candy to her kid is going to teach him good values and responsibilities of life or teach him to be a good with other human being. What she is going to do instead is teaching that he can run over any one he wants with her money not even his, and then I wonder why then other famous people trying to do good things would not get work done when she throw all overboard with that simple action.

If I could say good examples of famous people helping others Brad Pit with this project of homes for people that was affected for the hurricane Katrina that is a good project made up possible thanks to a decent men.

On the other hand we can mentioned the irresponsible act cause by the son of Hulk Hogan that doing drugs and alcohol kill his friend on a street racing accident. Which he already pay his punish time on the big house and think still doing some community service but why not to correct that unwanted behavior since their earliest years. Oh shit I forgot is easy to get them $ 3000 dollars in candy than educate and show them that it is ok to cry for things that hurt us but not to cope a tantrum.

Besides who will say that those kids’s will not end on one of those, clinics that replace the whole teeth, think the name is ClearChoice. The best part is that they will not have to deal with a cripple health insurance and payment plans. Least they will go out of the dentist in one single appointment. Who to say that they will go and get the sports car to crash on the first drunken party with mom’s money this just make me sick to my stomach, not just the candy, but her dumb actions and I do not know if she knows that what she is doing is causing more harm than good.

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