Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On Monday hell break loose:

This past Monday morning my wife and I where going to get some groceries for us to eat, at least for the whole week. However, once we were ready to go, and get the mail first the car just start acting up, we have a Ford Taurus 2000, that we did get 3 months ago or so I do not remember, anyhow the car was stalling but nothing to be worried I thought, YEA SURE…

Well it stop and did not start again, my wife had to go to work that day. I try every thing on my book to make it start, and nothing the worse is that we didn’t have our phones, because we couldn’t pay it two weeks prior and that was the second thing we were going to take care that day, so we were in a mess. We were in a total predicament as you can imagine, not only that we dreaded so much to go that day and get more money out of the loan we have on the car title loan place because we were going to paid it off on the 18 of this month, but we didn’t have food or phone.
We decide to go and take just 200 dollars out, but we end it having to take more because the stupid Taurus decide it to get break down that same day WTF… don’t think bad I mean Wonder Total Frustration LOL. Any way, that day was not exactly the best day for the pump apparently.
The gas pump has to be change and as you guess it was expensive, and put us in a bind again, that is why is very important for us to get the papers, because with me not working is taking a tow on my wife Denise, as well on me.
Did I mention that I lost one of my front teeth just brushing it, and there is two more very lose that are beside the one that fell out? Well for the ones that think that a nervous break down will not cause to lose your teeth, I got news for you, especially if you grind your teeth in the middle of the night while sleeping.

Dam it I did it again I lost my train of what I was going to say……… Oh yes do not think this was funny, because it was not!
I thought that for real hell was release in earth especially when my wife started worrying of how she was going to go to work and so on and so on. Well finally the car got fix and we spend 300 total for the repairs, plus the money of the food and phone we end it with in debt of 550 dollars, plus 278 that was on the original loan, so plus interest it went back to 900 and some, and you think you have it easy today.
I decide to start a video on you tube to bring more people to the blog and let them know what is going on, in our hectic life.
The reason I decide to put this video on YouTube, is to ask, the viewers, for help getting my goal of become a residents in the United States, and to many it will sound ridiculous, especially in a video why this guy is asking for help and conceal his identity?.

Well to those who ask the answer is simple, I do have to conceal my identity in order to be able to get to the viewers without risking or my process of immigration until is done. What do you think?
In addition, I say that I am married to a wonderful woman been married for the past 3 years and this being my first and only marriage, which I hope last for years to come. I hope people will understand that my intentions is that I did not get married to get my residency like many will probably think or just for the hell of it, but because I do believe in my marriage the love I have for my wife and the possibilities of a long future with her.
I did make an offer that, gladly will invite the viewers to help thru my blog. I have been asking to you my fellow bloggers the same explaining to the viewers like I have been explaining to my readers and if I omit that I will explain it again. The link is to a safe donation page with pay pal option, and once the goal is reached, it will close and no more donations will be accepted and will be delete after transferring the funds in to the bank. That is why the urge of the timing is important to be done no later than October 30. This will allow us to initiate the immigration process, also once the process is complete and I receive my documents an estimated time of 3 to four months, I will come out of the shadows and I will be able to work and help my wife out and not feel like I have failed her as husband. I was just born on the wrong side of the borderline.
In addition, I came with this idea so please give me your honest opinion on this idea. I do know that the Economic Times are Tough but it is time to get tougher solutions, because I think everything is possible, it will be cuts of all kind, and possibly you are not prepare for those cuts but we will have to make them no matter what and I hope you agreed on that with me.

1. Stop putting excuses like there is no jobs out there, there is jobs. Maybe not the ones we would like to have and not with the pay, we want but are there.
2. Get involve in your community to find resources that not been explore and if is not possible to find any jobs on your community get together with other and share ideas on how is possible to generate new ones or new business in which more people can get involved with you sharing the same ideas. I know this sound easy to say but not easy to do.
3. I know that might be difficult to adapt to a low wage if you use to earn big money but thing it as a temporary solution and not get discouraged.
4. Finally stop complaining that you already went and put so many applications and no one is hiring keep putting applications every place you can, and if you have a computer this make it easy, not only you could research your communities but all the possible resources needed in it.
One more thing I know that coming from me might not make a difference but I will say to those that do not like Hispanics, people from foreign countries, and the ones that share this common idea. We did come to take or steal jobs from you. We are only trying to get a better future for our families and ourselves and some people take advantage of it yes you guess it unscrupulous employers which as consequence cause the low wages in general. The worse part is we are all stuck in this planet with nowhere else to go, and if we can help each other in some way why do not we do?
As immigrant coming from México with a visa and a passport I will tell you, when I decide to come here married and stay, I did have some things clear in my mind and that was to adopt the culture, learn the language and respect others peoples point of view, but also I have to say, yes I did born Mexican I do have a country and a president in it which been here is not going to do nothing for them on my part, but now United States of America is the country I live in, and the president is my president too even when I didn’t vote for him because I’m not citizen, but if I was I will exercise that right like you do, and last but not least you will never see me carrying a Mexican flag in the US like when the marching asking to be heard, that is insulting on my personal opinion you could be proud of your country but don’t disrespect the one you come to live in and if you after all decide to do so because you are proud of it then return to your place and be proud there.
My mom says this saying “never bite the hand of the one is feeding you” and I think is a very wise advice.
I will come out with more of what is going on around.

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