Saturday, November 28, 2009

The short absent:

Hello everyone, sorry, I being absent for a while.

For a short period. I have to get myself in good shape to continue bloging, I been dealing with many things include the normal day worries and other things.

I still try to find donors, for my papers because life is getting a lot more complicated, do to the economy and me not been able to work yet, especially if we consider that my wife is doing what she can. Unfortunate, she has to quit school to find another job to get us above the water.

Never less, things are going to make us less close to each other, because we do have a strong bond together.

Independently of all this turn of events, we are fine and in good health. For the same reason I write this lines, to show not only my appreciation to you all who follow. In addition, keep my sweet wife and me in mind.

I will say I am working in a big project of the paranormal phenomena so I will ask to all be patient I will post soon. It has a little of to stories combined in one.

However, I did not want to miss this opportunity, to let you people know what is been going on. We did have Thanksgiving dinner and I am going to became very creative with the turkey cause we have a lot left over so I will be eating turkey for at least 2 weeks woohoo!. Also, have the chance to wish you at least from the bottom of my heart a happy Thanksgiving even if is a late one LOL.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The night of the reveal

The night of the reveal of my full abilities to others:

It was one hot summer on the city of Querétaro México, I knew what I was capable to do, and not many please notice my abilities. Most of the time, I keep it secret, for not being bully or rejected by new friends.

I was working on a restaurant bar in one of the most haunted plaza malls of all the city, on the revolution times was fields for grain and other type of plantations and some servants from the rich families resolve their disputes and other kind of indescribable bad things by killing and making the bodies disappear on those fields.

Many years later became a mall and inside lots of different phenomena happened, all the way at night people seen things flight in side of certain stores, full apparitions and so on and so on.

The friend I was working in the restaurant bar was my partner we sing on stage for the people that came to enjoy dinner or a drink.

One night the two host women where talking about the stories on the plaza. My partner had the idea of getting a good laugh of them, I said to him do not do it, you are playing with fire. I said if you are not prepare for what is going on in here, he laugh and say to me lets call spirits tonight and end the story come on men do not be a party pooper.

I told him ok if that is what you want ok. I will do the calling myself he agreed and we did the cession at sun down. Ones no one except the manager of the restaurant, the host, and my singing partner were alone. I told them take off any thing metallic gold, silver chains or rings put on a table close by.

The reason is entities, demons and spirits love shiny objects, they took it off and I start the calling, the spirits in the plaza mall to come and join us.

What happened after that it was very spooky for them but not for me the candle of the table start flickering rapidly and the tables tremble up and down simultaneously things start moving and floating of the tables the women start to freak out. In addition, I said by no mean live this table or you would be attack. I call off the calling of spirits it took like about 3 minutes of shear terror from the women and my partner, which at the end he said.

You are very estranged; I did not know you could do such thing. The tables stop the raddled; I say all is safe to break the circle, look at him and said well you thought I was joking, about whom I am. the two women put their notice of quitting, they never spoke to me again, and if you wonder about my partner, well he stops speaking to me as well.

Think because the terror that a shaman or warlock could imposes in the Mexican culture. Especially, when they do not understand the “paranormal phenomena.”

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The big earthquake:

Years after having my parents divorce and experience some other phenomenon and new abilities like déjà vu and astral voyage I was going to experience another of the most crucial ability for my own survivor and the survivor of my siblings and family.

I was going to experience the premonition this was the year 1985 my mom and I move from the capital of México City to a relatable small city two and a half hours from México but my mom was still dealing with a hole of paperwork to have her completely transfer from her job to the new place.

Two nights before she was going to go back to México to sign some documents to make it official the transfer I did have a very disturbing dream I thought. However, on reality, it was a premonition about the big earthquake that was going to take place in the next day and I saw building collapsing and many deaths and injure.

As little as I knew, I was going to play a role on my mom’s survival. I told her on the morning about my dream and how things were going to happen and the precision of the occurrences got my mom of guard. I told my mom it is going to be bad if you go, please stay home that day, my mom as always she not exactly understood and keep saying it was just a dream honey, nothing is going to happen.

Notice that my mom did not believe me I try say more details like the exact day and time of the event I said September 19, 1985 7:18 in the morning, 8.1-magnitude earthquake and it will last for nearly 3 minutes.

She was astound of the precision of my prediction or dream as she call it, so the night before I sneak on the middle of the night to her room and turn of her alarm clock knowing she will say in the morning that she did not hear the alarm and over sleep, and she will be fine.

The quake on September 19 was centered 250 miles west of the city but, due to the relatively unstable ground underneath the city, serious shaking lasted for nearly 3 minutes, as I predicted. The prolonged ground movement caused several old hotels, including the Regis, Versailles, and Romano, to crumble. A building at the National College of Professional Education fell, trapping hundreds of students who were attending early-morning classes. Many factories in the city, built with shoddy materials, also could not stand. Further, the tremors caused gas mains to break, causing fires and explosions throughout the city.
When the damage was finally assessed, 3,000 buildings in Mexico City including in that list the one my mom was going to be to singing her paperwork were demolished and another 100,000 suffered serious damage.

Her youngest brother was living in México on the time of the earthquake and was the one that called mom in the morning and woke her up after all was over more or less 8:45. My mom turned the TV on and saw the news not believing her eyes and for some reason not speaking to me because she did not understood why I was so precise but until this day she still thinking that she over sleep so I will never tell her the opposite.

Like this other premonitions came along however some of them cause I great deal of pain and suffer to others making me feel not just uncomfortable but very frustrated of not been able to help or say nothing to no one.

On a recollection of the several events were hurricanes, floods and others, either natural phenomena or man made. I was destined apparently not to have riches or fortune because the only time I did was close to win a jackpot of lotto was before I move to the U.S... For different factors and circumstances was unable to play the numbers that I dreamt which, came out. I did not have buy the ticket no one win the accumulated amount that day so if I got the ticket I would be rich by now but destiny work his way around and stop you from doing things that will go against your true objective as warlock or shaman as we are call in México personally prefer warlock.

I will post more later on the week thanks.

One lucky day or may be not?

I will start for saying I do appreciate all my followers. Everyone understanding for what my wife and I have been going through over the last the couple of days or I should say almost two weeks. I would like to take the opportunity to say what happen on those days and the different thing that happen with the people we meet over in the hospital.

First, the night Denise became with the highest temperature of 103.6 not only I was really worried, I did have to take the hardest decision and listen to my gut feeling and take her in on the E.R. she was really out of it she did not knew how she got there or who I was.

Took 5 and 1/2 hours for them to lower the fever. A nurse practitioner notice her leg very swelling and red where her knee cap and all around the wound that is how she was admitted into the hospital if the nurse practitioner did not notice it she would have been sent home. While she was in the hospital, she was given 4 antibiotics and morphine which doped her up the whole time she was in there. On Monday, the Wound doctor came in, took a culture of the wound, and dressed her wound.

However, on that period we met very interesting people, some patients of the hospital and some that have family members in it, some good some bad, health wise.

Well of the entire people three make the short list of being truthful to us, we got to know them better and make possible friendship connections. While my wife was in the hospital, we ran across a girl that is 17 yrs old. This girl gave a sob story about her and her husband. Which we found out that her so-called husband that was laying in the hospital was not even her husband. Before we left the hospital here, she was running around with some other guy while this other guy that was in the hospital was on morphine sitting in the smoking area.

She says to us that she came all the way from Austin TX. Alternatively, some place close to Austin. I do not remember, and that she was brought here to this neck of the woods. She said that her things were with this one lady in Dallas. She did not have even 5 dollars to her name and she was asking for cigs the whole time. This makes me think that least I could help this girl by just giving her a roof over her head until she figures out what she is going to do. Here I am is asking for help to accomplish my dream of became resident of USA even when I did not have any yet I was determine to help her the best way possible and in the amount of our possibilities.

My wife got in touch with the father of this girl and explains to him that we know where his daughter is. He explains to her to be careful because his daughter lies about everything. My wife told him that we will help her daughter well that is before she took off with this other guy.

Three days later after my wife was out of the hospital we received a call from her asking for our help to come and get her from this guy that she was with. We told her we will come but she will need to try to get some help to get back down to her fathers she said that is fine. When we picked her up, she had a puppy with her gee something that she did not need. She had clothes with her, which I am not sure, where she got all these clothes. We got her to our place and my wife got in touch with the father and explains to him that she has a puppy and he stated that no puppy is coming down here to his house. He said she would have to sell that puppy just to get back home. My wife ask the father if she came up with any clothes and he said no she only had what was on her back. She said well she has a big bag of clothes and he said well she is back into shop lifting again. He said to my wife I don’t know what I am going to do with her why cannot she understand that she has help if she needs it. The father cried to my wife and told her how appreciative he was to her.

Because my wife just got out of the hospital and she was trying to get better we both thought to call up on some so called friends and ask them if they could take her in which they did. The plan was for us to sell the puppy so she could get down to her fathers that was the plan. She went over to our so-called friends and stayed there. For me the next day I went to the Wal-mart area to sell the puppy well least try. No one didn’t want to buy her at the time so the next day I went back at the same area I was sitting at in the cold and mist of rain and about 2:30 pm some man came and said hey I would like her. He was willing to pay for her the amount we were asking for. I will call you and tell you when I get off where I can pick up the puppy at. Well he called and said he was still at work and he will call us in a hour that is when everything went down hill. The so-called friend called and said she wants the puppy and she is going home. To make the story short the guy never got the puppy and the girl never went home and the so called friends are no longer our friends because they lied to us. The girl is with them how we found out is when my wife went to wal-mart she ran into our so called friends neighbor and she and her talked and she said that the girl is still there at our so called friends. I said well now least I know that they will never ever be trusted.

Next time I will tell you another of the stories of the other side of the coin.


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