Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The night of the reveal

The night of the reveal of my full abilities to others:

It was one hot summer on the city of Querétaro México, I knew what I was capable to do, and not many please notice my abilities. Most of the time, I keep it secret, for not being bully or rejected by new friends.

I was working on a restaurant bar in one of the most haunted plaza malls of all the city, on the revolution times was fields for grain and other type of plantations and some servants from the rich families resolve their disputes and other kind of indescribable bad things by killing and making the bodies disappear on those fields.

Many years later became a mall and inside lots of different phenomena happened, all the way at night people seen things flight in side of certain stores, full apparitions and so on and so on.

The friend I was working in the restaurant bar was my partner we sing on stage for the people that came to enjoy dinner or a drink.

One night the two host women where talking about the stories on the plaza. My partner had the idea of getting a good laugh of them, I said to him do not do it, you are playing with fire. I said if you are not prepare for what is going on in here, he laugh and say to me lets call spirits tonight and end the story come on men do not be a party pooper.

I told him ok if that is what you want ok. I will do the calling myself he agreed and we did the cession at sun down. Ones no one except the manager of the restaurant, the host, and my singing partner were alone. I told them take off any thing metallic gold, silver chains or rings put on a table close by.

The reason is entities, demons and spirits love shiny objects, they took it off and I start the calling, the spirits in the plaza mall to come and join us.

What happened after that it was very spooky for them but not for me the candle of the table start flickering rapidly and the tables tremble up and down simultaneously things start moving and floating of the tables the women start to freak out. In addition, I said by no mean live this table or you would be attack. I call off the calling of spirits it took like about 3 minutes of shear terror from the women and my partner, which at the end he said.

You are very estranged; I did not know you could do such thing. The tables stop the raddled; I say all is safe to break the circle, look at him and said well you thought I was joking, about whom I am. the two women put their notice of quitting, they never spoke to me again, and if you wonder about my partner, well he stops speaking to me as well.

Think because the terror that a shaman or warlock could imposes in the Mexican culture. Especially, when they do not understand the “paranormal phenomena.”

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  1. Hi Armando - I haven't ever been able to call out spirits or entities, but I've been encountered with them a couple times. There just was no way it was wind or normal creaking in the first case, and there was no way it was cars or flashlights the second, the way it moved (I've got a post about the second called "The Paulding Light" on my blog, though I let the reader's search make up their own mind, if they're interested to know more about it). Besides the actual evidence that you could see and hear, I could just FEEL it. It was very strange, but not uncomfortable. It was actually rather the opposite; I enjoyed the experiences.

    Hope you and your wife are well - I've been keeping you in my thoughts and sending warm, healing vibes. :)

    Hasta luego mi amigo,


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