Saturday, November 28, 2009

The short absent:

Hello everyone, sorry, I being absent for a while.

For a short period. I have to get myself in good shape to continue bloging, I been dealing with many things include the normal day worries and other things.

I still try to find donors, for my papers because life is getting a lot more complicated, do to the economy and me not been able to work yet, especially if we consider that my wife is doing what she can. Unfortunate, she has to quit school to find another job to get us above the water.

Never less, things are going to make us less close to each other, because we do have a strong bond together.

Independently of all this turn of events, we are fine and in good health. For the same reason I write this lines, to show not only my appreciation to you all who follow. In addition, keep my sweet wife and me in mind.

I will say I am working in a big project of the paranormal phenomena so I will ask to all be patient I will post soon. It has a little of to stories combined in one.

However, I did not want to miss this opportunity, to let you people know what is been going on. We did have Thanksgiving dinner and I am going to became very creative with the turkey cause we have a lot left over so I will be eating turkey for at least 2 weeks woohoo!. Also, have the chance to wish you at least from the bottom of my heart a happy Thanksgiving even if is a late one LOL.


  1. You know what you could do with the leftover turkey? Pot pies!

    cut the turkey into small cubes,
    add equal amounts potatoes and carrots (cook them almost all the way before mixing them together)
    just a little bit of gravy to keep all the pieces sticking together well and then bake in a pie shell according to the pie shells directions.


  2. wew the best ,, thank for ur share GUY


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