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The Dark One Among Us:

As grew up I met other people that share some of the gifts but never say to them how connected I was with my abilities, some try to suppress them for the fear of been isolated from their social groups. However, as long as we where together they show their true colors to me I could see their auras and know how to talk to them depending of their mood.

One day one of the people was particularly difficult to get along, he was the bully of the group, and the one that have the most darken soul of them all. However, it was friend of another friend. Every time I knew he was going to be present I always protect my self of his constant attacks, considering he was very apprehensive and unstable on how to control.

My good friend which I spend more time with, knew that part of the problems following most of the group where caused by this person, however the rest of the group disagreed because they could not sense what my friend and I feel.

To proved this facts to the rest of the group we organize a small excursion to one place known as The Mine Of The Door Way or as in Spanish is La Mina De La Puerta this place is known to have a lot of activity on the paranormal phenomena some attribute this to the high concentration of Quartz crystals. In addition, like amethyst, citrine, ametrine, rose quartz, onyx, agates, in a high concentration can open communication with the spiritual world.

The group agreed, and one evening we where on our way to this place. however, one of the people invites this person and he arrived at the place 5 minutes behind us. During that time, my friend and I discussed how things were going to take place. Following strict rules. Especially for the ones that never experience a calling. Of angels or other spirits.

The session was going to be on the top of the hill far from the main mining zone to avoid any injuries or accidents I print on paper some of the following instructions for those attending and participating on the calling.

Only those who were going to be out of the circle, they would have to stay with in the second circle that previously draw with salt and holy water. Leave any shiny objects on their cars, rings, earrings, piercing, chains, etc. at the last minute we find out one of the persons which was going to be one of the four elements upon the calling, could not make it to the session.

Moreover, the opportunity call for this person to be one of the performers something I was not comfortable with but was going to be a test and an irrevocable prove he was a dark soul. In addition, his intensions where going to be revealed to the rest of the group

One of the elements previously considers was to have the right position for each person according to the compass.

Four elements were consider, water, fire, wind, soil. The candles I have not only play a role on the circle. however, have specific connections or connotations, for each angel or archangel, corresponding their color and fragrance. Five candles for the surrounding of the circle, all white the stones or gems of each of the four corners of the compass also related to the archangels.

For each of the performers we have a rope on the color of their element according to their zodiac symbols which thankfully the one that could not make it and the dark bully share the same symbol of the zodiac otherwise we where going to cancel the calling until next time all could make it.

Before he arrives to the site, we also commented on the reasons why the group all the time has the feeling of drowning or lacking of energy every time he was around. He was not considering being a warlock but a convert vampire or at least that was his argument when we met him. Nerveless. A spiritual type of person, that preaches his own saying at all.

My dear friend also says as reference to the non-performing people that they could hear weird noises and experience some ground movement but they will not by any means live the circle or they could be in danger.

I did give them also some information of why we were calling this type of ritual and his importance on unmask the intentions of the others and for protection of the group.

The four great archangels Rafael (Raphael), Miguel (Michael), Gabriel, and Uriel this last one not very known than the others but no less important on the angelical tradition.

Each archangel has his own element, and his point on the compass coordinates. The first is located in the east, which is where the sun comes in the morning, and belongs to the element of air, and the archangel is Rafael (Raphael), moving to the left of us inside of the circle, following the same pad of the needles of the clock. Next, have south the element of fire, and commanded by, Miguel (Michael). Next, west were the sunset happens, to the element of water and the archangel Gabriel, finally end at the north, of the element or soil and archangel Uriel.

The representation of their appearance was symbolize by the ropes we were using in the same order starting for Rafael (Raphael), wearing the color yellow, next Miguel (Michael), using read rope, Gabriel is light blue, and finally Uriel uses of four colors: green olive, green lemon, read brick, dark brown or black symbolizing the dark of night.

The Ritual of the Pentagram to summon angels.

As discussed earlier, the esoteric tradition teaches that God gave a ring to Salomon in which was inscribed five-pointed star known as a pentagram. This is one of the most popular symbols and more powerful in the practice of angelical magic. It symbolizes a human being with arms and legs extended. In the angelical magic exists a ceremony called the Ritual of the Pentagram, which is used to protect and energize a person. This ritual invokes the power of the four great archangels, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, Based on the Cabala. The ceremony is simple. The person stands facing east, and sets on his or her person the Kabalistic Cross as follows. With your right hand touches forehead says Atoh. Then bring the hand to the solar plexus and say Malkuth. It touches the right shoulder and says Ve Geburah. It touches the left shoulder and says Ve Gedulah. Then join hands against the chest and says Amen.

After that he puts his right hand thumb, (or left if left-handed) between ring and index fingers to form a Ficca. This ancient symbol is used against the danger and the evil eye from the earliest times.

The person points with the Ficca. In addition, the right arm should be extended to a point above his head, and draws on air a pentagram of invocation. When you imagine that being drawn by the Ficca this consists of flames. ones Trace the pentagram with the Ficca reaches down and points strongly to the center of the pentagram imaginary stave and says loud and reverberant. In the sacred name of God Yod Je Vau Je (Jehova) And from great Archangel Raphael, I seal this circle pointed East and the element air.
The next person to the left reach above his head, and draws on air the same way the point of the south. Drew a second staff to the same approximate height as before and says: In the sacred name of God, Adonai, and the big Archangel Michel, I seal this circle in the South and the element Fire. the next person turns reach above his head the West. The hand remains extended in the same level as the previous staff. In the West, traces the third staff saying, In the sacred name of God, Ejeieh, and the great Archangel Gabriel, I seal this pentagrams West and the element water. Moving towards the next person reaches the north point, draws the stave air and pentagram says: In the sacred name of God, Agla, and the large archangel Uriel, I seal this center staff in North and the element soil. again, the first person continues moving as the circle progresses to the right to return to this point. When he arrives there, opens his arms spread says in front of me Raphael behind me Gabriel to my right, Miguel to my left, Uriel the pentagram in front of me and behind me, the David star.

After all that, things started to happen. The winds start to blow badly around us but not inside of the circles. Moreover, you can hear voices around I keep the ritual going asking for the proper energy to allow us to find who was intending to harm the group suddenly, the guy that was a dark soul faint to the ground and only his candle flicker on and off he does not have recollection of the events because the fainting.

Everyone that was there knew he was the only one harming the group once he regains conscience I did ask does any one with in this circle. Is carrying a bad demon in side? We heard steps going towards him again, once more I say is this spirit or demon among us or around us, suddenly we heard this extremely laud crumble of rocks falling from the hill, next to the mine everyone was scare but I try my best to keep them in the cool side.

Unfortunately, that was just a distraction because suddenly this person the one that always make the whole group uncomfortable, turn his head and with very low pitch voice said to me.
I know your kind you are the shame of the dark arts we teach your ancestors how to use the gifts and powers or as you say abilities but I am the primal force that moves all on earth. Before he finishes bashing any one or me, I say to it you have to live the body of this person. Pick a fair fight, do not use external things to scare or attack any one here, you have a lose battle before, and the one we just call upon this session is here on the name of thee… I command you to get out him and the circle, on the name of the holly spirit and the great archangel Michael that fought you to hell, the great archangel Uriel who push you to your fall I command you to tell me your name and denomination
The person fell to his knees, and said ASMODAY. Or ASHMEDAY

For what I knew, he was just a servant to LUCIFER. However, as time was running I compel him out on the name of GOD. For reference something else happened, the sky was cloudy or I should say overcast, by the time he came out of this person we saw the moon on a tiny square made on the clouds right above us.

Moreover, like we have open the sky for the angels to come and help, I did start the closing of the circle, I heard this loud crack on a near by tree and by the time all of us came out of the circles we saw the image or shadow. A thing, on the tree like in a gargoyle position. In addition, it was not a bird because you can see some sore of human shape. I suggested leaving soon or, the forces that protect us were no longer there and we just have enough time to live.

We left behind the candles on the plates, burn until the end, knowing that the candles will not caught on fire because they were place on a solid rock surface. After that, some of the people of the group said, to my best friend isloar, and me, which is his shaman name. That they notice a change on the way things were. Especially, with the one we knew as the dark one among us.

Neverless important, the fact that we have a narrow escape. With less bad energies on our circle.

However, that was not the final battle I was going to have with a demon or a bad or misbehave spirit.

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