Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is it $ 3,000.00 in candy will make you sick?

Today watching TMZ heard that Mrs. Britney Spears was at some hotel in Las Vegas Nevada, with her kid’s. She having a crying kid on her hands and she decide to drop by the sugar factory located in side of the hotel and buy $ 3,000.00 in candy that was delivered to her suite, and did make me think how stupid could be certain famous people.

Top it all with the fact that understandably is their money but the economy is not in the best shape ever and people of middle class is struggle-making ends met. Personally, I think this crazy woman thought that buying some candy to her kid is going to teach him good values and responsibilities of life or teach him to be a good with other human being. What she is going to do instead is teaching that he can run over any one he wants with her money not even his, and then I wonder why then other famous people trying to do good things would not get work done when she throw all overboard with that simple action.

If I could say good examples of famous people helping others Brad Pit with this project of homes for people that was affected for the hurricane Katrina that is a good project made up possible thanks to a decent men.

On the other hand we can mentioned the irresponsible act cause by the son of Hulk Hogan that doing drugs and alcohol kill his friend on a street racing accident. Which he already pay his punish time on the big house and think still doing some community service but why not to correct that unwanted behavior since their earliest years. Oh shit I forgot is easy to get them $ 3000 dollars in candy than educate and show them that it is ok to cry for things that hurt us but not to cope a tantrum.

Besides who will say that those kids’s will not end on one of those, clinics that replace the whole teeth, think the name is ClearChoice. The best part is that they will not have to deal with a cripple health insurance and payment plans. Least they will go out of the dentist in one single appointment. Who to say that they will go and get the sports car to crash on the first drunken party with mom’s money this just make me sick to my stomach, not just the candy, but her dumb actions and I do not know if she knows that what she is doing is causing more harm than good.

If you have comments regarding this post, please do not hesitated on make in them.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Last 24 hours:

Last 24 hours:

On the last 24 hours is been extremely difficult to think what else to do, to raise money for the process of immigration. Now if things were going to be this complicated why you think I bother to ask, well the answer might surprise you.

1. I do not have a rich side of the family and neither my wife.

2. We could just borrow the money from someone, and that someone would not see payment retribution until I could start working. This would be after sending the papers and wait for the 3 to four months, which is the time that takes the work permit to be receive back on the mail, plus the time it will take for me to find a job. “That on my personal experience it will not take long and I could bet on that.”

3. Not only will alleviate part, if not all of the tensions, on our economic needs but will give us breathe of fresh air on everything else.

Even when Angel face is lighting up our life with laughs and good company does not change the fact of being worry about our financial situation.

Another thing that is on mind is that we are now a family of three, with this new addition to our family and is one more mouth to feed, yes; I’m talking about the doggy.

I have been trying to crunch the numbers of what has to be paid at this time and point, and the numbers don’t look pretty. Especially because the rent is coming and $ 630.00 is not going to cover much considering our rent is $549.00 so the remaining amount will have to pay for food and nothing else.

Therefore, either a miracle happens and someone we know wins the lotto and helps us out or we will be on deep troubles, because we also have that dam car title loan to pay that if the stupid fuel pump would not stop working at that freaking time, we will be by now out of it. And that crap really put us behind, back again.

Just as curiosity if you were in our place what would you do?

We also are going to try catholic charities for the papers. I thought you have to belong in a church for them to help you. However, according to her, you do not need to belong to any church, and I hope she is right on this information. It would be nice if they are willing to help us with the immigration process.

When I thought about it, and I meant the links for donations, it did sound like a wonderful idea, however, on my opinion a couple of dollars here and there from different people will not cause a burden on their finances but apparently it does.

I will keep the donations links for more time to see, if we get the help from catholic charities. Well I will remove links from the blog but if not I hope other blogers come and share this with their contacts and friends, thru email, tweeter and Facebook or any other way possible. That will help tremendously. And for that I thank you.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Black and White never look better in ourlives

    On Friday the 25th of September a 6 month old puppy came to be with us. We were not expecting this to happen but she was a rescue dog and the apartment complex manager thought that this cute puppy could come and stay with my wife and I. Her name is Angel Face and that her name fits her well. The first day with her she was a little timid and skittish until she knew how her owners were going to treat her. She is house broken which she loves to take walks. She is fixed so that is a good thing. Now the second day is coming to a end and we are still trying to figure out her personality. Suprisely we would not have to use the services of the Dog Whisper. My wife and I hope rise up our sprirts in the hopes for better future. Considering I am house bound most of the day by myself. I think this is a good idea. Personally I think this will help my wife because she loves to nurture. I will keep a update on Angelface from time to time letting people know how she is doing. My wife is going to check into a class for Angelface to be a Therapy dog which I think this is a great idea. Angelface will be a good canidate to be a therapy dog.

      Indepently I am a little disappointed for some reason my blog is not getting enough hits and again I am probably wrongfor tinking this hopefully the addition of the puppy in ourlives will also improve some of the quality of my blogs.  Because I said on the Google Reader and the Google Forms (the Coffee shop) I have 31 blogs that I follow and read religously I might not make comments on all of them however for me it is hard to wrap around some of the words to make the comments. 
I do appolgize that I don't make comments often but I will try to improve making more comments on them. 

I will come back with more at soon as I can come up with some fresh ideas that are around on my mind.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally, are things taking a turn for the better or the worse:

After much time and effort finally I came to a conclusion, it could not be the best of all but every time I am watching TV, I find some times amusement not only the news but different programs on it, and I did notice that in some way are on better position, on the way how to distract people of the bad news with news of different matter, that are as well important, but the important matters that move our sole existence, are given a second place, giving all the attention to the trivial things like the who is on the very first place on gossiping of TMZ and other entertainment programs.

Finding people who is participating on contest shows to win thousand of dollars like on Wheel of Fortune or Deal or no Deal, shows making us think that there is no economical crisis at all, but reality are we turning for the better or for the worse.

The way I see it is, we are coming to be total hypocrites because we are not seeing the big picture here. We suppose to be help each other, and those who need us, extending the helping hand, I am not saying just for the help I been asking myself, but for the help that even our own family could use or the neighbor next door.

In addition, I notice few TV commercials that bring the sensible human being on us, making us think of the needy like the kids from under develop countries, which I think they are the future. The commercials of the SPCA against cruelty of animals, which they make me, cry to the bone, because I do love animals. However for some reason the people is not being able to help a stranger, because understandable it is the fact that all of us got burn by helping others on some point in time on our life, but that does not mean that we suppose to stop helping others.

If I would count the times of helping people and getting burn by them, I could write a book. Knowing it does hurt when someone abuses of your kindness however, I pick up the pieces and recover after sometime. Trying to trust someone again is hard to do.

Will the common sense ever kick in? I think! Should I stop this non-sense of helping others? Probably never because it is my nature, even when we look everywhere it seems people are cheating, either the system, their partners, spouses, friends; and family. I should put a little salt on the open wound. Should we turn our heads the other way? On the other hand, what shall we do?

I think this and probably you disagreed with me, but I think chances are that one day you or someone close to you will need the help and when that happened and you don’t find no one to provide that help, you will find out how frustrating this is, if you or someone you know is not experiencing right now, well there is and expression that says, if the horse throw you of the settle get up dust off and get on it again, which no many people do for fear of falling off again.

For some saving a kid or a dog means the world to do it, I think it should mean the universe if they help some one that is pleading for help.

I will ask you what do you think?

Process and analysis of Becoming a Permanent Resident "FINAL PART"

After all the time, money invested finally the process end with the last thing and the most important of all:

“The Oath of Allegiance”

“ I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian
direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.” the Website of (USCIS) find the (The Oath of Allegiance) in “Guide of Naturalization” 
Congratulations Citizen on receiving the Citizenship, now go and live as a citizen into freedom and enjoy all the benefits that United States has to offer.


Eligibility Information. Retrieved December 5, 2007, from Web site:

Now that you are a Permanent Resident. Retrieved December 5, 2007, from Web site:

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Process and analysis of Becoming a Permanent Resident part "TWO"

There are two ways for the petitioner can file the papers, one, is the regular procedure which can take up to 4 to 6 months the second, is called District Office Rapid Adjustment of Status Pilot Program (DORA) what this program is open to the people in Texas as well other states. and the program is a quick procedure it takes up to 3 months or less to complete. The petitioner needs to go on to the site of (“USCIS”) to infopass and make an appointment. The day and time of the appointment, the petitioner and the immigrant will meet with an immigration officer. They will ask many questions and the petitioner will present all the paperwork to the officer. The Website of (Murthy 2006) of the article “USCIS Expands Dallas Pilot Program” states “After the interview, the participants will receive an appointment notice for biometrics.

Due to the need for fingerprinting and security checks, a case cannot be approved at the time of the interview.”(Murthy 2006) The applicant will make an appointment on Infopass, for this. The applicant will receive the papers of approval or a denial. "DORA program is no longer in use do to be just a pilot program".

Receiving a denial in the mail is frustrating, but the applicant can appeal the decision. The applicant has 30 days to appeal. The Website of (USCIS) of the article (“How do I appeal the Denial of my Petition or Application?”) states “When appealing the decision the applicant is asking for a higher authority to review a
denial. The applicant can file for a motion to reopen or a motion to reconsider with the office that made the unfavorable decision.” (USCIS) There is a form to fill out and a fee to file with the form. The form is Notice of Appeal or Motion the fee is $585. The applicant makes a statement why the higher authority should change their decision. The applicant should seek out a lawyer to heal with the appeal.

The applicant and the lawyer will go before a judge, and will make the decision. If the applicant was approved then congratulation he or she is a Permanent Resident. Being a permanent resident, does not stop there, the resident have rights and responsibilities. The Website of (USCIS) of the article (“Now that you are a Permanent Resident”) states, “The rights as a permanent resident are that he or she does not commit any crimes that would make him or she removes from United States. He or she can vote where United States Citizenship is not required.” (USCIS) “There is an exception on voting he or she cannot vote in the elections limited to United States Citizens.” (USCIS) “The permanent resident has responsibilities as well and that is he or she is required to obey all laws of the United States.

He or she is required to report all tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service and State IRS. If the resident is a male ages of 18 through 25 he is required to register with the Selective Service.” (USCIS)

Every permanent resident has a dream to become a United States Citizen this is an exciting time to get prepared. There is a waiting period for the resident to become a United States Citizen, and that is 3 to 5 years to file for the Naturalization. There is a form and a fee, for this which is Application for Naturalization and the fee is $675. Reasoning for the 5 years, this shows to the United States that the resident has been in the United States. The Website of (USCIS) of the Guide (“A Guide to Naturalization”) “The applicant must show he or she has been a person of good moral character for the statutory period of 3 years, if the resident is married to an U.S Citizen and 5 years, if you are not married. They look at the good moral character on base of not committed a crime, has earned his or her principal income from illegal gambling, has been involved in smuggling illegal immigrants into the United States.”(pg .25) 

The process of naturalization there are steps to go through before taking that “Oath.” One apply and complete the application and get his or hers 2 passport-style photographs. Send the application and all documents that are needed and photos and fee to the USCIS. Study for the English and civics test. The applicant can find the questions on the test in the on The Website of USCIS “A Guide to Naturalization.” Here are Examples of what is on the Test. “How many voting members are in the House of Representatives?” (pg. 58, Question 28)

“How many Senators are there in Congress?” (pg. 57, Question 25) “Name the amendments that guarantee or address voting rights.” (pg. 59, Question 72) That is some of the questions to the test. Once the resident receives the appointment for the interview at the USCIS, the applicant will be answering questions that the officer will be asking. Then the applicant will take English and Civics test. The immigration officer will grant the decision to the resident.

Congratulations resident a date of the ceremony will arrive in the mail. When the resident get there the resident will turn in the permanent resident card then the resident will be ask some questions about what the resident have done since the interview. Then the big moment taking the “The Oath of Allegiance.”

Sunday, September 20, 2009

i have to thank La Jenno for her coment, and also:

I will put my two cents on this matter:

Thank you for your comment Jenno, but I just did not understood what you meant by, quote: “I still wish I didn't live in the states. While it's more "free"”, aren't you happy to be an American, because I will agreed with you on the facts of some politics, knowing are not perfect, and here are my two cents on this, I will tell you that if you where in México you will say pleeeaaaseee! Make me a US citizen. Things are not what many think, there is to much corruption and favoritism, even with a good career and preparation you are living in hell and let me put a good example: I am a graphic arts and design professional and if I own my own business, I will be making like converting already to dollars after tax and all that no more than $450 to $600 dollars a month and you are paying rent on the building your business place is the cheapest is $750 a month without utilities plus all you need like food and clothing, tell me if would be anything left mmm... Oh! I forgot now I am in debt $150 dollars every month because the rent I have wouldn't you be looking for a better and bluer skies.

And hope you have your own home other wise if not is another rent a plus of what you owe so you will be giving yourself to the debt for life, when I took the decision of coming to the US., I did not knew much of the process and did not know what to expect, but I was willing to work it out the best way I could, and I swear is not been easy and my wife would say the same, not only we embrace the challenges of culture barriers and costumes but all the complexity of the hatred we receive.

I think if I do become resident of the United Stated and later on a citizen, I always am grateful of these opportunities and all the experiences obtain in the process. Now I am going to talk about other things.

Today we went to the hospital for my wife she is been having problems with her leg, since January she was bite we think, and gradually the area is being affected with this kind of ulcer that even when we do all the doctors say, is not getting better so we decide today to try on some other hospital and get another opinions but because we do not have insurance especially my wife she is getting no where, and so we will take care the best way possible until I become legal resident then we will be able to have insurance, because with one income is not possible to have all the bases cover with no home run coming soon, if you know what I mean.

I know it might sound selfish for my wife to not have insurance until then, but the one she have on her job will take at least close to $ 200.00 a month which we can not afforded, not with the other expenses of rent and bills we have, and discus on our budget which is not bullet prove but is helping us to get by.

Do I worry about my wifes leg?, yes I do but we don’t have much choice I also have serious problems with my teeth and we can not fix it or take care but that do not make me not want to be a resident or citizen, on the opposite it make me more firm on my goal because I know all will be fine after that, we will be able to tackle bigger things and get the family we want, and for some reason I would say yes I do think times are bad but all will change for the good for all.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Process and analysis of Becoming a Permanent Resident part "ONE"

This is part one of how many forms and money is require to become residen

Becoming a permanent resident and a citizen is a long and learning process. This paper will explain the steps to become a permanent resident and the steps to become a citizen. What are the expectations out of the immigrant?

When coming into the United States the immigrant has to make sure that, he or she comes in the correct way. There are many ways to go about becoming a permanent resident and here are a few of the ways. The Website of (USCIS) the article “Who May Apply to become a Lawful Permanent Resident While in the
United States” states, “One way is on Employment visa through he or she employer in the United State the employer has to fill out a petition.” (USCIS) “Second, way is through a Family member that is a United States citizen then they can do a family-based visa petition.”(USCIS) “Third, way is tourist visa, which is a B-2 visa he or she can apply for residency while in the United States.” (USCIS)

If the immigrant is on the B-2 visa while in the United States and the immigrant married an U.S. Citizen, then there are filling procedures to follow to obtain the permanent residency. The U.S Citizen that is married to the immigrant is the petitioner. As the petitioner, the person is responsible to keep up with the updates in addition, make sure all forms are current. The petitioner can download the forms from the site of (U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services) know as the (“USCIS”) that is the main immigration site. The break down of each form and cost are as followed; first, form is Petition for Alien Relative the cost of this form is $365.Second, form is the Biographical Information cost of this form is Free. Third, form is the Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status this form cost $930 plus a biometrics fee of $80. Fourth, form is the Supplement A Form I-485 cost of this form is $1,000. Fifth, is the Affidavit of Support this
form is a very important form. This is for the petitioner that he or she fills out it shows the Immigration that the petitioner is going to be responsible for the immigrant. If the petitioner falls under the guidelines of poverty then there has to be a Co-Signer and the Co-Signer has to fill out the Affidavit of Support form this form
is free. Sixth, is the Medical Examination that the form is free but the Exam cost $200 the immigrant has to go to one of the doctors that are listed on the site. Seventh, form is Application for Employment Authorization the cost is $340 lastly, this form is if the immigrant wants to Travel outside of the country only for family emergency and that form cost $305 if applicable.

Once the petitioner fills out the forms, the petitioner has to collect all documents to complete the packet. The documents includes copies of both Driver Licenses, Certified copy of Marriage Licenses, petitioners copy of Social Security Card, the immigrants copy of Passport, and I-94 and Visa, Certified copy of both Birth
Certificates, Utilities Bill, Copy of Rental Lease also copy of receipts. If the immigrant or petitioner have been divorced in the past then it is required to have a certified copy of divorce decree, petitioner has to provide proof of Tax information.

If the immigrant has an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number will need to have a copy of that number. Bring along pictures of the wedding and pictures of being together with friends. Immigration suggests bringing as much information to the meeting. Make sure that the fee’s are in individual money orders.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On Monday hell break loose:

This past Monday morning my wife and I where going to get some groceries for us to eat, at least for the whole week. However, once we were ready to go, and get the mail first the car just start acting up, we have a Ford Taurus 2000, that we did get 3 months ago or so I do not remember, anyhow the car was stalling but nothing to be worried I thought, YEA SURE…

Well it stop and did not start again, my wife had to go to work that day. I try every thing on my book to make it start, and nothing the worse is that we didn’t have our phones, because we couldn’t pay it two weeks prior and that was the second thing we were going to take care that day, so we were in a mess. We were in a total predicament as you can imagine, not only that we dreaded so much to go that day and get more money out of the loan we have on the car title loan place because we were going to paid it off on the 18 of this month, but we didn’t have food or phone.
We decide to go and take just 200 dollars out, but we end it having to take more because the stupid Taurus decide it to get break down that same day WTF… don’t think bad I mean Wonder Total Frustration LOL. Any way, that day was not exactly the best day for the pump apparently.
The gas pump has to be change and as you guess it was expensive, and put us in a bind again, that is why is very important for us to get the papers, because with me not working is taking a tow on my wife Denise, as well on me.
Did I mention that I lost one of my front teeth just brushing it, and there is two more very lose that are beside the one that fell out? Well for the ones that think that a nervous break down will not cause to lose your teeth, I got news for you, especially if you grind your teeth in the middle of the night while sleeping.

Dam it I did it again I lost my train of what I was going to say……… Oh yes do not think this was funny, because it was not!
I thought that for real hell was release in earth especially when my wife started worrying of how she was going to go to work and so on and so on. Well finally the car got fix and we spend 300 total for the repairs, plus the money of the food and phone we end it with in debt of 550 dollars, plus 278 that was on the original loan, so plus interest it went back to 900 and some, and you think you have it easy today.
I decide to start a video on you tube to bring more people to the blog and let them know what is going on, in our hectic life.
The reason I decide to put this video on YouTube, is to ask, the viewers, for help getting my goal of become a residents in the United States, and to many it will sound ridiculous, especially in a video why this guy is asking for help and conceal his identity?.

Well to those who ask the answer is simple, I do have to conceal my identity in order to be able to get to the viewers without risking or my process of immigration until is done. What do you think?
In addition, I say that I am married to a wonderful woman been married for the past 3 years and this being my first and only marriage, which I hope last for years to come. I hope people will understand that my intentions is that I did not get married to get my residency like many will probably think or just for the hell of it, but because I do believe in my marriage the love I have for my wife and the possibilities of a long future with her.
I did make an offer that, gladly will invite the viewers to help thru my blog. I have been asking to you my fellow bloggers the same explaining to the viewers like I have been explaining to my readers and if I omit that I will explain it again. The link is to a safe donation page with pay pal option, and once the goal is reached, it will close and no more donations will be accepted and will be delete after transferring the funds in to the bank. That is why the urge of the timing is important to be done no later than October 30. This will allow us to initiate the immigration process, also once the process is complete and I receive my documents an estimated time of 3 to four months, I will come out of the shadows and I will be able to work and help my wife out and not feel like I have failed her as husband. I was just born on the wrong side of the borderline.
In addition, I came with this idea so please give me your honest opinion on this idea. I do know that the Economic Times are Tough but it is time to get tougher solutions, because I think everything is possible, it will be cuts of all kind, and possibly you are not prepare for those cuts but we will have to make them no matter what and I hope you agreed on that with me.

1. Stop putting excuses like there is no jobs out there, there is jobs. Maybe not the ones we would like to have and not with the pay, we want but are there.
2. Get involve in your community to find resources that not been explore and if is not possible to find any jobs on your community get together with other and share ideas on how is possible to generate new ones or new business in which more people can get involved with you sharing the same ideas. I know this sound easy to say but not easy to do.
3. I know that might be difficult to adapt to a low wage if you use to earn big money but thing it as a temporary solution and not get discouraged.
4. Finally stop complaining that you already went and put so many applications and no one is hiring keep putting applications every place you can, and if you have a computer this make it easy, not only you could research your communities but all the possible resources needed in it.
One more thing I know that coming from me might not make a difference but I will say to those that do not like Hispanics, people from foreign countries, and the ones that share this common idea. We did come to take or steal jobs from you. We are only trying to get a better future for our families and ourselves and some people take advantage of it yes you guess it unscrupulous employers which as consequence cause the low wages in general. The worse part is we are all stuck in this planet with nowhere else to go, and if we can help each other in some way why do not we do?
As immigrant coming from México with a visa and a passport I will tell you, when I decide to come here married and stay, I did have some things clear in my mind and that was to adopt the culture, learn the language and respect others peoples point of view, but also I have to say, yes I did born Mexican I do have a country and a president in it which been here is not going to do nothing for them on my part, but now United States of America is the country I live in, and the president is my president too even when I didn’t vote for him because I’m not citizen, but if I was I will exercise that right like you do, and last but not least you will never see me carrying a Mexican flag in the US like when the marching asking to be heard, that is insulting on my personal opinion you could be proud of your country but don’t disrespect the one you come to live in and if you after all decide to do so because you are proud of it then return to your place and be proud there.
My mom says this saying “never bite the hand of the one is feeding you” and I think is a very wise advice.
I will come out with more of what is going on around.

my video blog on youtube

for my fellow blogers this is me and this how i sound trying to get more people involve in this thanks to you all

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hi every one it’s me again lol:

For what it concerns to the day of today was not a very active neither for me or for my wife but I was felling little down, we do not have food on the home all of our resources been deploy and clearly do not know what we are going to do for the entire week at least the faith ministries took care of the electric and we will not going to be shut off but that doesn’t at ease how my wife and I we feel.

We struggle but we try our best not to have confrontations because of it I did receive a letter from john which gave me hope on knowing that some one is reading my blog and my story is been heard even with my terrible spelling and my lack of grammar composition but I will keep trying my best to keep the writing coming.

Letting all know how thing are going and if there is any good or bad that we experienced, we do not have her family close by they live in Ohio and my live in México so on times we fell pretty lonely, and with no one to help us or at least listening.

Some one else also ask me for putting pictures and funny stuff but the way personally I been feeling well not exactly on the mud for putting funny things I know that on time to time you have to laugh out loud about things in life and see the bright side of it, but it is hard. I use to laugh of the most simplest things in life and make jokes and cry when I need it to clear my soul and show my emotions but now even crying for me is difficult because have to be strong for both other wise the strength of my wife will succumb with me and that is the last thing I would like to happens.

So in order to make laugh some people I will tell the story of a cat that we had but because the economy and me resulting allergic to her, we find some one else to take care of her was a nice calico kitten was a total show when she play she also like to bug me at night but no my wife so must of the time I end it awake and my wife sleeping like a baby but going back about the cat she love the weather report on the news at 10 pm no other channels will cause her to run and stand in front of the TV and I do have the pictures to prove it.

There she is approaching 
Sitting patiently and listening
After seeing the 7 day forecast she move on with her playing

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The words from Armando's wife!

I have been reading on some of the peoples response on the help post and I would like to make some comments to everyone.  First I do have to give correct to my hubby for trying his hardest of learning how to write in English. He speaks English very well but to type it is another thing and he is trying. secondly, I can say I am not perfect either when it comes to grammar or English and I am an college student. All my hubby is trying to do is asking for help for his papers and I have to give him credit that he came up with a wonderful idea to start blogging. I am a USA Citizen I was born here and my family is white. My hubby is just worried about many things as I am too. People need to give him a chance and credit he is a wonderful man that wants to be a US Citizen. The last thing I want to state is when a person blogs it is free writing not perfect writing. Now I can see if this was for a professional blog then I would make sure that his grammar and spelling is perfect. No one is perfect in this world especially when a person is writing a blog. Give this man some credit he is human like you and I.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello! This is just a thought about millions with HGTV. ?

Watching HGTV network television the program my big Amazing Renovation and the first one was a family that bought this house and were to transformed in to a stoning mansion and they have a budget of $ 800,000.00 dollars which was blow with the deadline they chose to have of 8 months ended to be almost 2 years and an over budget of 1,450,000.00 more well they finish having a beautiful home but it did make me sick how people can spend that amount of money with the economy as is at this time I rely don’t have enough brain capacity to comprehend why.

And the second have a couple in a condo in NY they bought 4 of the apartments in this condo and they did have a budget of $ 650,000.00 which was blow like the wind in NY over a $1.500,.000.00 at the end of the project and then….

My and me wife struggling with money asking friend and family to help us just to get by and been able to pay for my papers and to get ourselves back in our fit with me working.

And this people don’t even have the intention of knowledge the little people I do understand that they have the right to have a nice place for the money the work for but the way cheep they treat the contractors and subcontractors like they don’t deserve any respect does make me even sicker no just for the money but for their nasty behavior to the people that don’t have the “same status” well if I could have some words I would say well if you have what you have is because all the workers that were before your money and also I probably say as well, you know if you change your attitude you might have your thing done quicker and may be without blowing your budget cost.

In addition, I should say that if for any reason I became a Millionaire, I would try my best to not become a monster with others, but off course! Something just light up in my mind! may be they are monsters to others that way they don’t show their soft spot. Or they think they will never have to beg for money or try to make ends met but things could change with no warning so they should think on it.

Because ones you are in that situation is hard to get back and some times never recover other wise ask the millions of people that lost millions in retirement plans with the fraud cause by that guy of AIG.

If one day I do became fortunate enough to hit a jack pot of a lottery or been with my papers work my but of and been able to save enough to have a nice home just to live in peace with my wife and we decide to do renovations on it and we have contractors under us I will do my best no to be a beach or a bastard to them LOL. And treat them with respect and work things out the best way possible no matter if the tile wasn’t finish or the cabinets were in place the same day and try to understand that may be a good explanation for why things are going the way they are going.

Ok Going back to my original comment about this rich people, and then after blowing their budgets and having their homes finish. What if they aren’t lucky and ended in a bind and they will cause more foreclosures, on the future because they couldn’t pay the bank loan or the property tax. Did they did not consider that before what is going too happened? With the economy is getting tougher and tougher and they ending it not having a job it will drive them insane as if it does it to me.

One day like mine no one would like to have:

Well oh well today my wife and I start our day late because we could not help it, we have a late night. My wife and I were trying to figure out some financial assignment she have for school, and we do not know if was correct or not but she posted any way and we went to bed. The night before this, we went to Ihop and stayed awake most of the night and yesterday. I did have like 3 hours of sleep but she did not so I though to help her with the assignment and I did submerge myself in her book trying to find what was all the fuss about. Being out of school after so many years this was a challenge for me and at the end we discovered that was more to it than we were thinking. My wife and I went to bed and fell sleep may be like 3:45 am so we wake up like 1:30 pm myself and for her she woke up half hour earlier. For some reason we were complete wiped out, no energy so when she took off for work I was going to set myself to write some lines here on the blog, and I was falling sleep so I did stop and went back to bed and I start to watch TV. It did not take me long to fall sleep I did not wake up until pass 10 pm or 10:30 pm. I washed the dishes and made the diner before she came home from work. The fact that I did sleep like a bear all day I feel like my life was indeed falling in depressing downfall complete monotony. I wish I could find a way to get the money for my process of immigration we do have all the paper work done and ready to be send but money now is the missing essence.

I been thinking what if I give classes of Spanish to the people over the office because after the two and half years that we have been here at the apartment complex, they have ask me to help them several times with translation of documents, letters or with people that does not speak English. I think this would be a good idea if they do not want to take a Spanish class I could charge people 10 dollars per hour and half for class least this will help me bring some money in and keep me busy.

Even the manager mention to my wife that her husband was going to need some tutoring. But instead he rather go to the university, so when my wife told me that, well you can imagine my idea of finding ways to get the money for my papers when to the drain. I thought to myself that I could try to teach English to Hispanics, but the ones living on the surrounding areas do not know they and me are not exactly the type that allows any stranger to show them something that is going to help them to get better in life. The ones that do live in the surrounding area say no I am to old to learn, no my kids can translate for me, and that why I can not stand Hispanics even when I am the one from México. I have heard some say well if I need to learn English then I will go to school and learn it or maybe next year. Yeah right!

Any way I still having hoped some how or some one could be sending donations to my other site or a miracle happened and some one help us along the way.

Well if I have more to say later I will see you soon if not well tomorrow will be or may be Monday I don’t know LOL.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh well! Another sleepless night.

As I was going to Bed, and I was thinking about many of different ideas to prove to my fellow bloggers of how I feel when nothing gets the way you were imagined, like a good example will be that after going through my thoughts, mean while at the computer the only thing next to the regular noise of the keyboard and the A/C going On and Off, unceasingly, I felt the need of work, and have a normal life like any other person does, but it is not possible at this time I say to myself, not because I don’t want to but because I can’t, unless I became a resident of the United States, definitely my wife is doing a huge job on supporting the both of us, and the only problem I do have with that is, that I feel I am not doing my part as a husband, at least on the working part, I do help around the house doing dishes, cleaning the house, and some times cooking. Some times I feel like I fail to my wife on that matter, but even she sad that is not my fault to be born in the wrong side of the border. I do not think like a Mexican, don’t talk like a Mexican, and don’t have the most known bad habits of Mexicans do have which I know many and that’s why I say it.

I have my degree on Graphic Arts but here is not worth nothing, and probably you will start thinking why? Well I will explain even with my degree, I will have to go back to school to prove my level of knowledge, on the area because as no many people know non of the areas of study I did have, are consider on the same level of qualifications, especially when is been almost more than 12 o 13 years ago, and for the most of it I don’t remember much any more, but I am willing to go get my self test to have here a GED, ones I became a resident, I should say that my other passion I have besides Graphic Arts, is electricity so, I will go and learn how to be the best electrician like my Grandmother us to say what ever you decide to be, Be the best or keep trying and improving until you became the best, that way I would be not and anchor like I feel some times for my wife even when she say I’m not.

Also remembering something interesting happened today when she and I went to Ihop restaurant, we where getting seated and next to us were to ladies and one of them was in my own definition kind of weird and my wife as well thought the same, not in bad way, but when she finally broke the ice to us she ask me where I was from, so I say from México and she reply to us, that she was half Mexican born in here in the US and her father was Mexican, she also say I would like to be Mexican, and I reply rely, and I want to be American, isn’t ironic how life is some times, I wish would be that easy, the ones that don’t want to be Americans will switch places with the ones that want to be, but is not that easy on reality it’s lots of paper work to fill, money and time consuming, and to top it all nerve racking, at times but hope is the last thing that dies, I just wish some one would help us to collect the money for it because with her small pay check we are just making ends meet.

Well I’ll be with more of my thoughts some time later.

For the moment I will rack my brain trying to go to sleep.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do you will help some one in dear need of help

Hi! I hope this letter can explain a little more about the situation my wife and I are in at this time. I want to be the most direct and honest as possible.

I would like to help my wife with this and the home expenses however; the only possible way that I can do this is if I would be able to become legal resident to work in the United States. Which, at this time it is not possible I am only on tourist visa, which, a tourist visa does not allow you to work legally. For misunderstanding some people believe they can do this however; this is not true. When a person that is on tourist visa or student visa got caught, they will be deported and punished for this matter and the fact of been marriage do not make you legal resident as many believe either.

My wife has put a lot of time to do the forms and to understand the whole process of filing the forms in November of 2008. I came from Mexico to the United States with my passport and my visa and my boarder pass which is only good for 6 months, which has expired now, which the lawyer said it was ok we just had to hold onto the border pass.

One way to help could be to go to,web page remove and help me collect the amount that is need it, Now economically to make it easier for you taking a decision to go to this page or not, and make donation or however you prefer to call it, as fair and just possible I will say nevertheless this blog, never at any time intend to press or force you to be involve if you think help is not on your nature. I hope this will help to understand for what we are going through but if your decision is to help that will prove me that still good people in this world.

In addition, just to mention the fact that the documentation that we are sending to the immigration office will have a copy of my present passport and visa which expires in May next year. If I do not resolved this by getting my papers then it would cause us to be in serious trouble. Reason is I would have to leave the country, involuntarily and I do not have any guarantees of being able to go back and ask for another tourist visa because they are not giving any kind of visas at the consulate of United States in Mexico. This would affect my wife, would devastate her so much, and possibly will crush her.

The timely manner to complete the forms and send to the Immigration would be no later than November so I could be processed by January or February.

I believe that when a person helps another person then that person that got help should in return help another person.

i will get back with more.

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