Sunday, September 13, 2009

The words from Armando's wife!

I have been reading on some of the peoples response on the help post and I would like to make some comments to everyone.  First I do have to give correct to my hubby for trying his hardest of learning how to write in English. He speaks English very well but to type it is another thing and he is trying. secondly, I can say I am not perfect either when it comes to grammar or English and I am an college student. All my hubby is trying to do is asking for help for his papers and I have to give him credit that he came up with a wonderful idea to start blogging. I am a USA Citizen I was born here and my family is white. My hubby is just worried about many things as I am too. People need to give him a chance and credit he is a wonderful man that wants to be a US Citizen. The last thing I want to state is when a person blogs it is free writing not perfect writing. Now I can see if this was for a professional blog then I would make sure that his grammar and spelling is perfect. No one is perfect in this world especially when a person is writing a blog. Give this man some credit he is human like you and I.

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  1. I hope Armando won't be discouraged from writing more articles: some of the articles are really interesting!

    "[W]hen a person blogs it is free writing not perfect writing" - Perfectly put.


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