Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my video blog on youtube

for my fellow blogers this is me and this how i sound trying to get more people involve in this thanks to you all

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  1. Armando, That was almost perfect :)
    On youtube i learned if I post a video and view it, i can add text later. Check to see if you can also go back and add your blogs address in a bubble or something. Also because I have not seen your youtube profile I will just suggest that if you have not added your blogs address and the paypal thing there.
    Your actions show that you one of that that once made america the land and country great.
    It pains me to no end that people like you must struggle at a time when the very man we with shame call our president and leader spits in your face, turning his back laughing and mocking all real americans by giving his own aunt the freedoms that you rightfully deserve.


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