Sunday, May 25, 2014

Most recently I mention to go to my page at and this are a compilation of the last 3 post I have there. if you think I am over posting updates or not then let me know at the end with your comments.  

from last to present in reading order you can go and you read in any order you like but do not hesitate to share this with any one you can and if you like.

Updated posted by Armando D Abreu 1 day ago
Another week with no donations :( I am about on Tuesday to lose my car due to a small loan that I have to obtain to get us out of the gutter last month with some expenses, now by all means I try to rescue the situation and unfortunately is impossible, my income is not enough to cover the loan refinance or even cover my basic needs I beg you if you have a heart look inside and donate. Any amount will help. I am not asking you to give thousands of dollars at once if you can donate 5, 10, and help me getting people able to donate little amounts is all we need right now to accomplish the thousands I need for my dentures and other things that have been piling up and have deadlines that I will not be able to extend much longer. Please help. Thank you 

Updated posted by Armando D Abreu 21 hours ago
Still unable to post comments or sharing anything on Google plus so if you can share please do and donate if you can donate help help I'm just asking for your help

Updated posted by Armando D Abreu 1 min ago
The Google+ gestapo is not allowing me to post nothing because someone either reports my post of my as spam or because the amount of posting was high. However, I was just trying to get more people involve in my cause; even here I do the exact same thing of posting constantly. Therefore, I am not getting block to post here and I understand that if someone do not like what they see, they just need to block the posting itself, not screw the person reporting it. If you have Google+ and able to post there, please, post in my behalf about my gofundme page, the more people see it the sooner another donation can be accomplish, because as I posted recently and it stays in the posting this I will lose the car. As is; is hard to get a job close by without a car in Dallas, second I cannot continue doing what I was doing because I cannot take in person interpretation without a car and money do not roll without it and finally, the next thing I am afraid and I know is going to happen is, that if Denise gets rely sick like it happen in the past, I have no way to take her in to the hospital this is not something I would put her true. But it will happen, therefore please do not take a minute to think just share it add your own comments, and if you have a way to donate even the smallest amount it will help tremendously please. Here is the link again.; Please share it by email by Facebook by Google+ by blogging about. Whatever means necessary thank you.

Friday, May 2, 2014

For those that seen my campaign but do not understand how gofundme works

For those that seen my campaign but do not understand how gofundme works here is an informational video about it, that way you do not think is a bogus thing. Then go to my page at the link here,  and start helping me without fearing the money will not be delivered for what I am asking. 

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