Sunday, May 25, 2014

Most recently I mention to go to my page at and this are a compilation of the last 3 post I have there. if you think I am over posting updates or not then let me know at the end with your comments.  

from last to present in reading order you can go and you read in any order you like but do not hesitate to share this with any one you can and if you like.

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Another week with no donations :( I am about on Tuesday to lose my car due to a small loan that I have to obtain to get us out of the gutter last month with some expenses, now by all means I try to rescue the situation and unfortunately is impossible, my income is not enough to cover the loan refinance or even cover my basic needs I beg you if you have a heart look inside and donate. Any amount will help. I am not asking you to give thousands of dollars at once if you can donate 5, 10, and help me getting people able to donate little amounts is all we need right now to accomplish the thousands I need for my dentures and other things that have been piling up and have deadlines that I will not be able to extend much longer. Please help. Thank you 

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Still unable to post comments or sharing anything on Google plus so if you can share please do and donate if you can donate help help I'm just asking for your help

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The Google+ gestapo is not allowing me to post nothing because someone either reports my post of my as spam or because the amount of posting was high. However, I was just trying to get more people involve in my cause; even here I do the exact same thing of posting constantly. Therefore, I am not getting block to post here and I understand that if someone do not like what they see, they just need to block the posting itself, not screw the person reporting it. If you have Google+ and able to post there, please, post in my behalf about my gofundme page, the more people see it the sooner another donation can be accomplish, because as I posted recently and it stays in the posting this I will lose the car. As is; is hard to get a job close by without a car in Dallas, second I cannot continue doing what I was doing because I cannot take in person interpretation without a car and money do not roll without it and finally, the next thing I am afraid and I know is going to happen is, that if Denise gets rely sick like it happen in the past, I have no way to take her in to the hospital this is not something I would put her true. But it will happen, therefore please do not take a minute to think just share it add your own comments, and if you have a way to donate even the smallest amount it will help tremendously please. Here is the link again.; Please share it by email by Facebook by Google+ by blogging about. Whatever means necessary thank you.

Friday, May 2, 2014

For those that seen my campaign but do not understand how gofundme works

For those that seen my campaign but do not understand how gofundme works here is an informational video about it, that way you do not think is a bogus thing. Then go to my page at the link here,  and start helping me without fearing the money will not be delivered for what I am asking. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Does the cat is trying to tell us somethiing

“Side story” I know this will sound strange but do you believe in coincidence or six sense from animals, if you do let me tell you, last night we were planning on going to do groceries at 12 midnight, once my wife food card was reload. So we have a cat, once we were ready to go out, she was in the bedroom once at the door but without opening it yet, she came running something that she never does; she sat at the door like saying no guys do no leave or you are not supposed to go right now anywhere , which we thought was very unusual, for the cat to act this way. But did not care much, we got to the car in the parking lot, the car did not start at all, so we went back to the house very hungry both but we did not leave. In the morning I left my wife sleep until 10:50 or so, that way we could try to get a neighbor to jump start the car and can get some work done myself, once she was ready we go to the parking lot but no one close to ask, I thought let’s try if it does not start we will stop someone in the parking lot and we ask to be jump start, put the key in the ignition and BAAAMMM! It starts right away. I think the cat try to WARN us that something was going to happen by going so late to Wall Mart may be a robbery or an accident or even stop by police for something so dumb like a tail light. But considering the insurance, just have like 4 days expire it could be a problem, any way something to talk about right.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Judgeing or not judgeing that is the question?

I ask my wife if she has had any replays from her sharing the link for the donation page I have on with friends and acquaintances, she said to me that one of them has said something like. Oh well if he have better job he could afford to see a dentist or if he have better hygiene he will not lose his teeth. And I am not quoting anyone in particular. She does not recall the exact comment, because she deletes the actual comment, which I do not understand why, she deleted or maybe if she did it because she found it as judgmental as I did. 

I find quite offensive, disturbing and disappointing that a friend or acquaintance think that low of me. When they do not even know me well,  or what we being going thought the  past years, or how much of a struggle is to be in one income as we been, especially when is not lack of hygiene. 

I was brushing my teeth look at my wedding photo I have teeth there. Now when the first one fell off while I was brushing no pain or nothing it just fell off.  And in regard of a job well is not like I am not doing everything in my power to support my wife and I, evermore, so, I keep food in our table and a roof over our head.   

Last but not least I would love to hear what all you think of this. And if you think judging a person is something that should not upset someone deep inside. I personally do not like to do it myself, to judge someone or anyone's circumstances but to try to put myself in their shoes for one moment, before I even think on judging but that is me. But if I am on the wrong please tell me. at the very end of the gofundme page is an option to contact me or leave a comment so please do so I will appreciated that thank you again.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

This is been a long absence on my end

Happen to be busy  working and taking care of many things in life that do not stop or allow me to get near the computer much to blog, however, I am here still alive not so well but alive is been so much going on that I do not know where to begin.
Last time I said or blog that my process was moving steady well I became finally a permanent resident of the United States of America coming finally out of the shadows, overtime got busy finding a job getting a job as Spanish Medical and non-Medical Certified Interpreter working for a company that is been wonderful to work with, moreover, keeping me busy going to clinics hospitals etc.

A year after my anniversary of becoming permanent resident got assaulted and rob coming back from the corner store next to my apartments so I report this to the USCIS and even with the police report I had to re-apply for the green card and pay 450 to get the application submitted and again re-fingerprinted now again waiting time for it job wise interpretation is slowing down lately and unfortunately got to the point I have to have a second job to keep things going.

With my wife not been able to work since all the load is now mine and thing are getting harder but like anything there is times up and times down now is one of this down times find a job beside the one of interpretation CSR front desk in a hotel and came with more and more mouth problems I happen to be losing my natural teeth but you will read more in the link I will put at the end please do not forget to share it if you can or if you can help it will be wonderful.

Going back to the CSR I have only one molar left in the left top side all the bottom teeth and a molar on the same side but on the lower jaw which increasingly got more lose overtime and infected, finally when I go it out the infection sets in, and I did look like Jay Leno from Saturday night because the swelling.

I lose one day at work, and the next thing that happen was  my car start failing mechanically, which I thought that is not a problem, well I have to keep working no matter what, so I will take the bus.

Then the following day my wife end on the hospital due to an emergency, and lose another day; a total of two days missing in action as they said, however, that cost me my job In the hotel and because the issue with the car not working I knew it will affect the other job I have as interpreter, especially because if I am requested for an emergency, I will not be able to take the assignment(s) and second of all the distances for any other jobs will not have the transportation or public transportation. Sadly I do not make much to be paying or spending money for a taxi cab, so I decided to start looking for work around my location near home but no luck at all.
All of sudden I receive a phone call; to my surprise was someone that I just recently add to my LinkedIn network offering me a job?

What are the odds of that in such short notice and time specially because the offer she did to me was in regard of telephonic interpretation like she knew i did not have a car, even more nor she gave me the classical response “well if you do not have a land line we cannot work with you” to my question in regard of a cellphone use instead of a landlines but instead she said as long you have a working phone even if it is a cellphone we can work with you. Which came as a blessing in disguise, because I will not have to use my car first and second I will still generating income mean time and even if I find a regular job, this came like a ring to a finger.

So that is what is been going on guys, I am sorry for not coming forward to tell you everything that is been going on; but there you have it a long story make it short, there is more to come hopefully. Now going back to the link I was talking about above I make a page in order to assist with the increasing expenses that dental work is causing, and the need for a better oral health and better health overall.

I already have a heart attack and all because of this, sometimes we do not contemplate or have in consideration the consequences of not attending this on time, not having good oral health and or how can affect your overall health in general. And it is unfortunate. I have to take care of this more than ever because my mouth is what I use to work with, so I have to take care of it.

Please, please I am appealing to your and conscience share this link if you please and can, or if you can help I will be absolutely thankful. Then finally here it is:

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