Saturday, April 5, 2014

Judgeing or not judgeing that is the question?

I ask my wife if she has had any replays from her sharing the link for the donation page I have on with friends and acquaintances, she said to me that one of them has said something like. Oh well if he have better job he could afford to see a dentist or if he have better hygiene he will not lose his teeth. And I am not quoting anyone in particular. She does not recall the exact comment, because she deletes the actual comment, which I do not understand why, she deleted or maybe if she did it because she found it as judgmental as I did. 

I find quite offensive, disturbing and disappointing that a friend or acquaintance think that low of me. When they do not even know me well,  or what we being going thought the  past years, or how much of a struggle is to be in one income as we been, especially when is not lack of hygiene. 

I was brushing my teeth look at my wedding photo I have teeth there. Now when the first one fell off while I was brushing no pain or nothing it just fell off.  And in regard of a job well is not like I am not doing everything in my power to support my wife and I, evermore, so, I keep food in our table and a roof over our head.   

Last but not least I would love to hear what all you think of this. And if you think judging a person is something that should not upset someone deep inside. I personally do not like to do it myself, to judge someone or anyone's circumstances but to try to put myself in their shoes for one moment, before I even think on judging but that is me. But if I am on the wrong please tell me. at the very end of the gofundme page is an option to contact me or leave a comment so please do so I will appreciated that thank you again.

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