Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hello my fellow bloggers "wishes to all in this upcoming new year"

I hope you are all in good health and plentiful of blessings, my best wishes to all in this upcoming new year. However, I cannot say that I am in the same happy mood; time is running out for me, and the possibility of a dream turned into a nightmare.

For those that did not have a chance to read my first blogs, and do not have any idea what I am talking about, I will put a little reminder here. The reason of this blog originally intended to be not only for expressing myself, but to let you know our lives, and what could become if we do not accomplish the goal for me to gain residents in United States.

I ask to you all to spread the word about my blog with other bloggers, friends, and family members. However, I will sadly have to say, that by the end of the year I will only have five more months to be in the United States legally with my tourist visa, after that I do not know what is going to happen to me.

It's clear to me that my wife is very worry about it, but we don't have the resources to pull it out, I did ask Santa Claus to bring at least a small envelope with the money we need to do these process of immigration, in order for me to be able to work and help my wife.

However, apparently, Mr. Claus did not receive my letter on the North Pole, and unfortunately, he do not have access to any computers either. If he does, he probably will read my blog. Moreover, he could become a blogger as well.

Let's be and get serious, at least for just a moment, recently we almost lost our apartment we owe rent, “late Charges” electric, cable, to make things worse, our car is acting up. We have a loan on the title of the car, due to unexpected medical bills, when my wife starts having problems with her leg. However, when we were trying to pay the loan back in full we were short but just a couple hundreds. The car needed the fuel pump and we have to ask for another extension of the loan to get it done and fixed, leaving us with no money, and with a debt.

For some strange reason every single time, we tried to get ourselves ahead in all the money compromises we have, something else happen. Even with the help of many angels and all the prayers, something seems against us.

A single paycheck as you probably know by now, is not cutting it at all, I try putting some ads on Craig list offering my service as a Spanish tutor for the surrounding universities or schools closed by, however for some strange reason , no hits on it just a couple of people trying to scam me. I had another ad on Craig list offering my service as a repairperson, but nothing.

My family in Mexico does not have any possibility to help us out; especially having in consideration the economy is not good over there as well. Her family can not help either due to medical reasons her mom is not in the best shape and her dad a few months back had a fall and now he suffer a few grammas seizures and he is dedicated of health. That is why I plead to you to let others know about this blog, the donation button, is not a bogus thing. Originally, I open my PayPal account to try to make business selling jewelry that I make, either through eBay or through any other means, but not luck. In addition, so that is the reason I have this PayPal account on the 1st Pl. and I thought that well, maybe I could use it to ask for donations to help us out with in the process of immigration, but again no luck.

Probably I sound like an old record, that repeats repeatedly the same part of the song, but come on people, I am desperate and I do not know what else to. With my wife in not such good health, blood pressure going up and down, not been able to pay for medication for her, with her trying to find another job, on the worst recession ever, we pray That at least pays a little better than the one that she is right now.

Believe me I do want my wife to spend the rest of my life with, but if I do not start helping her soon she is going to have a stroke, I know the economy is not the best, and I may be asking too much for you to help. Making a small donation whatever is in your possibilities, not breaking the bank in the process.

So if you know anybody that would be able to help me accomplishing or getting the money needed for the process of immigration please do so.

I thank you all of you that at this point in time are following me, and given me their moral support, Ms. Burb, Jeff, Rhiannon Raven, the caffeinated globe, Susan, Dr. T., sahasrara, corve, plainolebob, coltin 1948, stitch_up 1774, Courtenay, Jenno, Jeannette, and arvella bagwell. If By any means I ask you again to promote and mention my blog to other bloggers, is because I am desperate. I need to collect I at least the total of $1750.00 to be able to send the papers and money orders needed for the immigration process, I guarantee that anyone that help in this process I will keep you posted of how much is needed to reach that amount, or if it was reached already the goal.

I am a very honest type of person, and probably by saying, it does not mean anything to all of you. However, I really want to assure you that once I became a resident and I start working legally and in regular basis. I will keep your e-mail address and I will do my best to keep you posted and repay you, or if you wish, I will help others the same way you help me.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Second Battle:

As I say on my last story, it was not going to be my last battle. However, the time when I had to take up on one of the biggest decisions live on the same pattern I was living or move to find better future for myself.

Few days after my encounter with ASMODAY or ASHMEDAY, I have an epiphany of how things were going to be if I did not prepare myself before the trip to the United States, especially knowing that I was going to have a new beginning in life.

That night I contact my friend Isloar and I told him my decision of moving to the U.S. He said to me, well I am going to tell you this, before you came, I saw a premonition of you getting yourself in a place far away and having a lot of trouble, if you do not channel the right protection, you will suffer possible death before make it to your destination.

I reply to him well then you know why I am here before I said anything to you, he answer yes. Therefore, he suggested for us to go to a place he knew to call the good spirits, was 1hr and half away, known as GOD's bridge. It was the coldest day of the year, we make the trip knowing there will be more wormer than it was in Querétaro.

This is the tourist guide

in addition, the link to go and see more detailed
In addition, I found some photos of the area to give and idea how the place is and give more input to the story.

He prepare the altar and all we need for the trip, however he also suggested me to find which angels we need to channel for protection and channeling the guardian of the traveler, or for the safe journey EZGADI is one of them but I also need it on my side HAMABIEL one of the angels that Influence Taurus. This is my sign.

He also prepare his gold medallion with the name HAFAZA consider as a group of angels that protect against dark spirits and I wrote on parchment paper the name of LAHABIEL and as I know helps the archangel Raphael on the protection against dark spirits as well.

On the night after camping for the day we prepare the area close to the cave as the ritual commence we heard this deep growl very known to my friend and I. Yes, it was the same fall angel, who tormented and scares the group that night on the mine. In addition, just by the corner of my eye I saw other entities with it.

We continue the ritual as we did on the mine but this time we have all the right people to do this suddenly the weather change and start storming bad the rain star flooding the cave quick. I remember the name of the angel that controls the rain and I start calling his name MATAREL in the name of the all mighty, creator of the Universe I command you to stop this rain, until the end of this ritual. Shine cherubs, seraphs, take the message to him in case my words do not reach him make him stop the rain or we will drown. At soon we said AMEN and the rain stop completely.

After that, we heard ASMODAY or ASHMEDAY. Growl again and the candles flickered and we heard wind blowing hard outside, I continue with the calling of NADIEL known as the protector of the month of December and the immigrants in other countries.

At the time, I make my petition for protection and guidance I continue having some personal attacks I did have three big scratches, on the back the neck and on the stomach.

However, that did not stop until he start attacking the rest of the group, for our misfortune the one that cause all the problems in the group, after the demon lift from him he took it back and he was performing the dark arts, and we did not knew at the time.

However, that did not stop until he start attacking the rest of the group, for our misfortune the one that cause all the problems in the group, after the demon lift from him he took it back and he was performing the dark arts, and we did not knew at the time.
On the side of the rock that you can see here on this picture Isloar the shaman say a few words on Mayan and the rock start glowing with the name of the offender. He said make saint death put end to the relationship batwing him and us and put the strong mantle of your energy unveils just light to his intentions in order for this falling angel stop bean commanded by him and set him free of his wrong doings or let him suffer tree times the same pain.

After he finishes saying that, the name on the rock wall got on fire. However, I did continue with the following prayer to The 9 angelical choirs the following prayer is an invocation to the entire heavenly host, gathered at the Nine Angelic Choirs, in order of power and magnitude, the following: Seraphim or Seraphs, Cherubim or Cherubs Thrones, Dominions or Domains, Powers or Potency, Virtues, principalities, archangels, and angels. This prayer could be performed in times of danger or when you want to contact angels and ask for something important. If you pray, everyday gives continuous protection making it, to their homes and loved ones.

On behalf of the Creator of the universe and the Angelic Choir of Spirits excels: Bright SERAPHIM, Fire and ruby, Surround me, bring love mi. Powerful CHERUBS, which shining as the sun, and Remove from me the hate, the sorrow, and the pain. THRONES, be firm, be stable with crystal wings, and keep me stable, on land or at sea.

I invoke to the DOMAINS, in just invocation that be fair always in any decision. I ask the protection and am safe. To the POWERS Save me from the danger, from the evil and the treachery. Miraculous VIRTUDES float next to me that the virtue guides me come, come to me. PRINCIPALITIES bring the peace to the world. That is blessing, in deep delight. Glorious ARCHANGELS, guide me in the way. That to do the charity became always my destination. Oh, divine ANGELS, which serve the Creator. That this way also I serve, in light, in peace and love. Amen.

We saw a bright light coming from the falls on the opposite side of the cave that surrounds us, and the feeling of peace was made with all the angels to never have again to deal with these falling angels and the ones who serve them.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Dark One Among Us:

As grew up I met other people that share some of the gifts but never say to them how connected I was with my abilities, some try to suppress them for the fear of been isolated from their social groups. However, as long as we where together they show their true colors to me I could see their auras and know how to talk to them depending of their mood.

One day one of the people was particularly difficult to get along, he was the bully of the group, and the one that have the most darken soul of them all. However, it was friend of another friend. Every time I knew he was going to be present I always protect my self of his constant attacks, considering he was very apprehensive and unstable on how to control.

My good friend which I spend more time with, knew that part of the problems following most of the group where caused by this person, however the rest of the group disagreed because they could not sense what my friend and I feel.

To proved this facts to the rest of the group we organize a small excursion to one place known as The Mine Of The Door Way or as in Spanish is La Mina De La Puerta this place is known to have a lot of activity on the paranormal phenomena some attribute this to the high concentration of Quartz crystals. In addition, like amethyst, citrine, ametrine, rose quartz, onyx, agates, in a high concentration can open communication with the spiritual world.

The group agreed, and one evening we where on our way to this place. however, one of the people invites this person and he arrived at the place 5 minutes behind us. During that time, my friend and I discussed how things were going to take place. Following strict rules. Especially for the ones that never experience a calling. Of angels or other spirits.

The session was going to be on the top of the hill far from the main mining zone to avoid any injuries or accidents I print on paper some of the following instructions for those attending and participating on the calling.

Only those who were going to be out of the circle, they would have to stay with in the second circle that previously draw with salt and holy water. Leave any shiny objects on their cars, rings, earrings, piercing, chains, etc. at the last minute we find out one of the persons which was going to be one of the four elements upon the calling, could not make it to the session.

Moreover, the opportunity call for this person to be one of the performers something I was not comfortable with but was going to be a test and an irrevocable prove he was a dark soul. In addition, his intensions where going to be revealed to the rest of the group

One of the elements previously considers was to have the right position for each person according to the compass.

Four elements were consider, water, fire, wind, soil. The candles I have not only play a role on the circle. however, have specific connections or connotations, for each angel or archangel, corresponding their color and fragrance. Five candles for the surrounding of the circle, all white the stones or gems of each of the four corners of the compass also related to the archangels.

For each of the performers we have a rope on the color of their element according to their zodiac symbols which thankfully the one that could not make it and the dark bully share the same symbol of the zodiac otherwise we where going to cancel the calling until next time all could make it.

Before he arrives to the site, we also commented on the reasons why the group all the time has the feeling of drowning or lacking of energy every time he was around. He was not considering being a warlock but a convert vampire or at least that was his argument when we met him. Nerveless. A spiritual type of person, that preaches his own saying at all.

My dear friend also says as reference to the non-performing people that they could hear weird noises and experience some ground movement but they will not by any means live the circle or they could be in danger.

I did give them also some information of why we were calling this type of ritual and his importance on unmask the intentions of the others and for protection of the group.

The four great archangels Rafael (Raphael), Miguel (Michael), Gabriel, and Uriel this last one not very known than the others but no less important on the angelical tradition.

Each archangel has his own element, and his point on the compass coordinates. The first is located in the east, which is where the sun comes in the morning, and belongs to the element of air, and the archangel is Rafael (Raphael), moving to the left of us inside of the circle, following the same pad of the needles of the clock. Next, have south the element of fire, and commanded by, Miguel (Michael). Next, west were the sunset happens, to the element of water and the archangel Gabriel, finally end at the north, of the element or soil and archangel Uriel.

The representation of their appearance was symbolize by the ropes we were using in the same order starting for Rafael (Raphael), wearing the color yellow, next Miguel (Michael), using read rope, Gabriel is light blue, and finally Uriel uses of four colors: green olive, green lemon, read brick, dark brown or black symbolizing the dark of night.

The Ritual of the Pentagram to summon angels.

As discussed earlier, the esoteric tradition teaches that God gave a ring to Salomon in which was inscribed five-pointed star known as a pentagram. This is one of the most popular symbols and more powerful in the practice of angelical magic. It symbolizes a human being with arms and legs extended. In the angelical magic exists a ceremony called the Ritual of the Pentagram, which is used to protect and energize a person. This ritual invokes the power of the four great archangels, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, Based on the Cabala. The ceremony is simple. The person stands facing east, and sets on his or her person the Kabalistic Cross as follows. With your right hand touches forehead says Atoh. Then bring the hand to the solar plexus and say Malkuth. It touches the right shoulder and says Ve Geburah. It touches the left shoulder and says Ve Gedulah. Then join hands against the chest and says Amen.

After that he puts his right hand thumb, (or left if left-handed) between ring and index fingers to form a Ficca. This ancient symbol is used against the danger and the evil eye from the earliest times.

The person points with the Ficca. In addition, the right arm should be extended to a point above his head, and draws on air a pentagram of invocation. When you imagine that being drawn by the Ficca this consists of flames. ones Trace the pentagram with the Ficca reaches down and points strongly to the center of the pentagram imaginary stave and says loud and reverberant. In the sacred name of God Yod Je Vau Je (Jehova) And from great Archangel Raphael, I seal this circle pointed East and the element air.
The next person to the left reach above his head, and draws on air the same way the point of the south. Drew a second staff to the same approximate height as before and says: In the sacred name of God, Adonai, and the big Archangel Michel, I seal this circle in the South and the element Fire. the next person turns reach above his head the West. The hand remains extended in the same level as the previous staff. In the West, traces the third staff saying, In the sacred name of God, Ejeieh, and the great Archangel Gabriel, I seal this pentagrams West and the element water. Moving towards the next person reaches the north point, draws the stave air and pentagram says: In the sacred name of God, Agla, and the large archangel Uriel, I seal this center staff in North and the element soil. again, the first person continues moving as the circle progresses to the right to return to this point. When he arrives there, opens his arms spread says in front of me Raphael behind me Gabriel to my right, Miguel to my left, Uriel the pentagram in front of me and behind me, the David star.

After all that, things started to happen. The winds start to blow badly around us but not inside of the circles. Moreover, you can hear voices around I keep the ritual going asking for the proper energy to allow us to find who was intending to harm the group suddenly, the guy that was a dark soul faint to the ground and only his candle flicker on and off he does not have recollection of the events because the fainting.

Everyone that was there knew he was the only one harming the group once he regains conscience I did ask does any one with in this circle. Is carrying a bad demon in side? We heard steps going towards him again, once more I say is this spirit or demon among us or around us, suddenly we heard this extremely laud crumble of rocks falling from the hill, next to the mine everyone was scare but I try my best to keep them in the cool side.

Unfortunately, that was just a distraction because suddenly this person the one that always make the whole group uncomfortable, turn his head and with very low pitch voice said to me.
I know your kind you are the shame of the dark arts we teach your ancestors how to use the gifts and powers or as you say abilities but I am the primal force that moves all on earth. Before he finishes bashing any one or me, I say to it you have to live the body of this person. Pick a fair fight, do not use external things to scare or attack any one here, you have a lose battle before, and the one we just call upon this session is here on the name of thee… I command you to get out him and the circle, on the name of the holly spirit and the great archangel Michael that fought you to hell, the great archangel Uriel who push you to your fall I command you to tell me your name and denomination
The person fell to his knees, and said ASMODAY. Or ASHMEDAY

For what I knew, he was just a servant to LUCIFER. However, as time was running I compel him out on the name of GOD. For reference something else happened, the sky was cloudy or I should say overcast, by the time he came out of this person we saw the moon on a tiny square made on the clouds right above us.

Moreover, like we have open the sky for the angels to come and help, I did start the closing of the circle, I heard this loud crack on a near by tree and by the time all of us came out of the circles we saw the image or shadow. A thing, on the tree like in a gargoyle position. In addition, it was not a bird because you can see some sore of human shape. I suggested leaving soon or, the forces that protect us were no longer there and we just have enough time to live.

We left behind the candles on the plates, burn until the end, knowing that the candles will not caught on fire because they were place on a solid rock surface. After that, some of the people of the group said, to my best friend isloar, and me, which is his shaman name. That they notice a change on the way things were. Especially, with the one we knew as the dark one among us.

Neverless important, the fact that we have a narrow escape. With less bad energies on our circle.

However, that was not the final battle I was going to have with a demon or a bad or misbehave spirit.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The short absent:

Hello everyone, sorry, I being absent for a while.

For a short period. I have to get myself in good shape to continue bloging, I been dealing with many things include the normal day worries and other things.

I still try to find donors, for my papers because life is getting a lot more complicated, do to the economy and me not been able to work yet, especially if we consider that my wife is doing what she can. Unfortunate, she has to quit school to find another job to get us above the water.

Never less, things are going to make us less close to each other, because we do have a strong bond together.

Independently of all this turn of events, we are fine and in good health. For the same reason I write this lines, to show not only my appreciation to you all who follow. In addition, keep my sweet wife and me in mind.

I will say I am working in a big project of the paranormal phenomena so I will ask to all be patient I will post soon. It has a little of to stories combined in one.

However, I did not want to miss this opportunity, to let you people know what is been going on. We did have Thanksgiving dinner and I am going to became very creative with the turkey cause we have a lot left over so I will be eating turkey for at least 2 weeks woohoo!. Also, have the chance to wish you at least from the bottom of my heart a happy Thanksgiving even if is a late one LOL.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The night of the reveal

The night of the reveal of my full abilities to others:

It was one hot summer on the city of Querétaro México, I knew what I was capable to do, and not many please notice my abilities. Most of the time, I keep it secret, for not being bully or rejected by new friends.

I was working on a restaurant bar in one of the most haunted plaza malls of all the city, on the revolution times was fields for grain and other type of plantations and some servants from the rich families resolve their disputes and other kind of indescribable bad things by killing and making the bodies disappear on those fields.

Many years later became a mall and inside lots of different phenomena happened, all the way at night people seen things flight in side of certain stores, full apparitions and so on and so on.

The friend I was working in the restaurant bar was my partner we sing on stage for the people that came to enjoy dinner or a drink.

One night the two host women where talking about the stories on the plaza. My partner had the idea of getting a good laugh of them, I said to him do not do it, you are playing with fire. I said if you are not prepare for what is going on in here, he laugh and say to me lets call spirits tonight and end the story come on men do not be a party pooper.

I told him ok if that is what you want ok. I will do the calling myself he agreed and we did the cession at sun down. Ones no one except the manager of the restaurant, the host, and my singing partner were alone. I told them take off any thing metallic gold, silver chains or rings put on a table close by.

The reason is entities, demons and spirits love shiny objects, they took it off and I start the calling, the spirits in the plaza mall to come and join us.

What happened after that it was very spooky for them but not for me the candle of the table start flickering rapidly and the tables tremble up and down simultaneously things start moving and floating of the tables the women start to freak out. In addition, I said by no mean live this table or you would be attack. I call off the calling of spirits it took like about 3 minutes of shear terror from the women and my partner, which at the end he said.

You are very estranged; I did not know you could do such thing. The tables stop the raddled; I say all is safe to break the circle, look at him and said well you thought I was joking, about whom I am. the two women put their notice of quitting, they never spoke to me again, and if you wonder about my partner, well he stops speaking to me as well.

Think because the terror that a shaman or warlock could imposes in the Mexican culture. Especially, when they do not understand the “paranormal phenomena.”

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The big earthquake:

Years after having my parents divorce and experience some other phenomenon and new abilities like déjà vu and astral voyage I was going to experience another of the most crucial ability for my own survivor and the survivor of my siblings and family.

I was going to experience the premonition this was the year 1985 my mom and I move from the capital of México City to a relatable small city two and a half hours from México but my mom was still dealing with a hole of paperwork to have her completely transfer from her job to the new place.

Two nights before she was going to go back to México to sign some documents to make it official the transfer I did have a very disturbing dream I thought. However, on reality, it was a premonition about the big earthquake that was going to take place in the next day and I saw building collapsing and many deaths and injure.

As little as I knew, I was going to play a role on my mom’s survival. I told her on the morning about my dream and how things were going to happen and the precision of the occurrences got my mom of guard. I told my mom it is going to be bad if you go, please stay home that day, my mom as always she not exactly understood and keep saying it was just a dream honey, nothing is going to happen.

Notice that my mom did not believe me I try say more details like the exact day and time of the event I said September 19, 1985 7:18 in the morning, 8.1-magnitude earthquake and it will last for nearly 3 minutes.

She was astound of the precision of my prediction or dream as she call it, so the night before I sneak on the middle of the night to her room and turn of her alarm clock knowing she will say in the morning that she did not hear the alarm and over sleep, and she will be fine.

The quake on September 19 was centered 250 miles west of the city but, due to the relatively unstable ground underneath the city, serious shaking lasted for nearly 3 minutes, as I predicted. The prolonged ground movement caused several old hotels, including the Regis, Versailles, and Romano, to crumble. A building at the National College of Professional Education fell, trapping hundreds of students who were attending early-morning classes. Many factories in the city, built with shoddy materials, also could not stand. Further, the tremors caused gas mains to break, causing fires and explosions throughout the city.
When the damage was finally assessed, 3,000 buildings in Mexico City including in that list the one my mom was going to be to singing her paperwork were demolished and another 100,000 suffered serious damage.

Her youngest brother was living in México on the time of the earthquake and was the one that called mom in the morning and woke her up after all was over more or less 8:45. My mom turned the TV on and saw the news not believing her eyes and for some reason not speaking to me because she did not understood why I was so precise but until this day she still thinking that she over sleep so I will never tell her the opposite.

Like this other premonitions came along however some of them cause I great deal of pain and suffer to others making me feel not just uncomfortable but very frustrated of not been able to help or say nothing to no one.

On a recollection of the several events were hurricanes, floods and others, either natural phenomena or man made. I was destined apparently not to have riches or fortune because the only time I did was close to win a jackpot of lotto was before I move to the U.S... For different factors and circumstances was unable to play the numbers that I dreamt which, came out. I did not have buy the ticket no one win the accumulated amount that day so if I got the ticket I would be rich by now but destiny work his way around and stop you from doing things that will go against your true objective as warlock or shaman as we are call in México personally prefer warlock.

I will post more later on the week thanks.

One lucky day or may be not?

I will start for saying I do appreciate all my followers. Everyone understanding for what my wife and I have been going through over the last the couple of days or I should say almost two weeks. I would like to take the opportunity to say what happen on those days and the different thing that happen with the people we meet over in the hospital.

First, the night Denise became with the highest temperature of 103.6 not only I was really worried, I did have to take the hardest decision and listen to my gut feeling and take her in on the E.R. she was really out of it she did not knew how she got there or who I was.

Took 5 and 1/2 hours for them to lower the fever. A nurse practitioner notice her leg very swelling and red where her knee cap and all around the wound that is how she was admitted into the hospital if the nurse practitioner did not notice it she would have been sent home. While she was in the hospital, she was given 4 antibiotics and morphine which doped her up the whole time she was in there. On Monday, the Wound doctor came in, took a culture of the wound, and dressed her wound.

However, on that period we met very interesting people, some patients of the hospital and some that have family members in it, some good some bad, health wise.

Well of the entire people three make the short list of being truthful to us, we got to know them better and make possible friendship connections. While my wife was in the hospital, we ran across a girl that is 17 yrs old. This girl gave a sob story about her and her husband. Which we found out that her so-called husband that was laying in the hospital was not even her husband. Before we left the hospital here, she was running around with some other guy while this other guy that was in the hospital was on morphine sitting in the smoking area.

She says to us that she came all the way from Austin TX. Alternatively, some place close to Austin. I do not remember, and that she was brought here to this neck of the woods. She said that her things were with this one lady in Dallas. She did not have even 5 dollars to her name and she was asking for cigs the whole time. This makes me think that least I could help this girl by just giving her a roof over her head until she figures out what she is going to do. Here I am is asking for help to accomplish my dream of became resident of USA even when I did not have any yet I was determine to help her the best way possible and in the amount of our possibilities.

My wife got in touch with the father of this girl and explains to him that we know where his daughter is. He explains to her to be careful because his daughter lies about everything. My wife told him that we will help her daughter well that is before she took off with this other guy.

Three days later after my wife was out of the hospital we received a call from her asking for our help to come and get her from this guy that she was with. We told her we will come but she will need to try to get some help to get back down to her fathers she said that is fine. When we picked her up, she had a puppy with her gee something that she did not need. She had clothes with her, which I am not sure, where she got all these clothes. We got her to our place and my wife got in touch with the father and explains to him that she has a puppy and he stated that no puppy is coming down here to his house. He said she would have to sell that puppy just to get back home. My wife ask the father if she came up with any clothes and he said no she only had what was on her back. She said well she has a big bag of clothes and he said well she is back into shop lifting again. He said to my wife I don’t know what I am going to do with her why cannot she understand that she has help if she needs it. The father cried to my wife and told her how appreciative he was to her.

Because my wife just got out of the hospital and she was trying to get better we both thought to call up on some so called friends and ask them if they could take her in which they did. The plan was for us to sell the puppy so she could get down to her fathers that was the plan. She went over to our so-called friends and stayed there. For me the next day I went to the Wal-mart area to sell the puppy well least try. No one didn’t want to buy her at the time so the next day I went back at the same area I was sitting at in the cold and mist of rain and about 2:30 pm some man came and said hey I would like her. He was willing to pay for her the amount we were asking for. I will call you and tell you when I get off where I can pick up the puppy at. Well he called and said he was still at work and he will call us in a hour that is when everything went down hill. The so-called friend called and said she wants the puppy and she is going home. To make the story short the guy never got the puppy and the girl never went home and the so called friends are no longer our friends because they lied to us. The girl is with them how we found out is when my wife went to wal-mart she ran into our so called friends neighbor and she and her talked and she said that the girl is still there at our so called friends. I said well now least I know that they will never ever be trusted.

Next time I will tell you another of the stories of the other side of the coin.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

An apology to my followers:

I will post new in few days but I do have my wife on the hospital with a severe infection and she was really bad two days ago with very high fever so please I will ask only for your prayers thanks and see you all soon.

Friday, October 16, 2009

For those who think exercise is not good or is boring:

This is my partner in crime she make me do some exercise on the gym with her that way I don’t feel like I am doing it alone she walks I do weights and bicycle but I want to share this with the community.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Few moments of uncertainty:

If you were interested on last post, I bet you will find this very interesting. It was the year of 1981, I was alone on the apartment building on México City my dad was working was a one of those days what you will not thing nothing unusual, could happen I was on my room and suddenly I stop on my tracks when a chill of cool air was behind my neck.

Was not going to pay much attention to it but I was going to be scare out of my pants. When I heard a voice of a woman calling my name on the living room knowing my self my mom was not on the apartment at that time because she went to the grocery store near by and she could not be back that soon.

I did heard again this voice telling me to come, and so I did stop what I was doing and walk out of the bedroom feeling a drop on the temperature right by the hallway, connecting the bedrooms to the living room dining room.

Being cautious I walk to it and I saw a woman standing in a ghostly image, she say please help me, I do not know how I end it here, I say to her what was the last thing she remember. “she replied to me she was going on the street walking to her apartment building” which I did ask her where was that, at the time she told me it was just across from my building, because my grandfather told me already this was part of my legacy was calm.

I did never thought that it was going to happened that soon I was just 10 years old and this lady was on my home asking for help.

I keep asking questions to her, like how you came in to my home she could not answer me that, but she keep repeating, “I need to know what happen.” I did ask her if I could touch her at soon as I did it, a flash of what happen just came to me.

I was on the street and saw a car coming to me at very hi speed at total panic I broke the connection between her and I.

Told her you were run over by a car, she say it cannot be my baby is on the apartment alone her dad will come after 3 pm.

I just went to get bread and milk and the baby is sleep. I said to her we do not have much time to lose you will have to go to the light so tell me your apartment number she told me the number and I run out the door my mom was not home yet so I just grab my keys and flew.

By the time I was out she was next to the door of her building and a bunch of people was there waiting for the paramedics to come, but it was mater of time either she could be save or she will walk to the light.

My mom was parking the car and she said to me that I should not be out. I replied that a lady left her baby alone on her apartment she came to ask for help, of course my mom did not understood why I say that and being a social worker. She cross street and a guy was giving the lady CPR because she was unresponsive. By the time my mom reach the opposite side of the street the lady came to her in ghostly figure and say to me, “thank you for your boy for helping, but I do not see no light what should I do”.

I say you might have a chance to live so she said thanks again and she start responding to the person giving her the CPR my mother start to help and she got the information from people of the building that she have a baby and probably was alone.

The paramedics arrive the husband was going to be notified by my mom and she talk to the porter of the building to open the apartment and take care of the baby. In the meantime, the husband came and figure out if his wife was going to be ok.

Fortunate she was ok and my mother probably because the commotion at the moment did not notice that I did toll her about it, and she don’t remember much about either, I do not know why but of the different times my abilities shown, she don’t have recollection of it.

May be because is a defense mechanism on her side because she do not find natural those things personally I do not know.

In addition, I do have more stories to tell but I will try to make them as short and decrypted possible. However, for now I am going to rest and let you with a thought.

Never fear the things you do not see because they are out of your comprehension, or the logical explanation. Fear the ones you see, and you cannot control nor have an understanding of them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stories from the other side of the coin:

Was some time ago and I do not say much about it, but I will try to be as accurate possible. All start with being the only child my mother have do to a thrombosis pos- partum, my mother a true believer of God and a Catholic she was sure every thing was going to be just fine. When the time finally came she did not expected any complications.

Suddenly something happen and I arrive to the world a healthy boy but something was on door for me, because it does run on my family, nothing to concern nobody but to concern only me, does not mater which religion you are or belong and that was going to change completely the life I was going to start.

This comes from every three generations and that is passes from grandfather to grandson. The best part is that whatever was going to be, only the boy of the first direct born from the first son “in this case my dad” will carried this that for many will sound like a curse, but for others is a gift of god. My Dad did not have any of it but as well as my grandfather has it and his grandfather and so on and so on.

Therefore, when the time comes for the grandchild to finally he will have all the different abilities acquire true time at first comes the retrocognition and with it the knowledge of his legacy and how this amazing thing should be use and treasured.

In reference of meaning of Retrocognition (also known as postcognition), from the Latin retro meaning "backward, behind" and cognition meaning "knowing", describes "knowledge of a past event which could not have been learned or inferred by normal means".

Retrocognition has long been held by scientific researchers into psychic phenomena to be un-testable, given that, in order to verify that an accurate retrocognitive experience has occurred, it is necessary to consult existing documents and human knowledge, the existence of which permits some contemporary basis of the knowledge to be raised.

After that, the grandparents chose the time for the boy to teach him how to utilize those abilities as advantage and not disadvantage. To protect him either self or the ones he loves.

At the age of seven, the first premonition comes in to place. This comes by showing him the power and how to understand the meaning of his abilities. Every 7 years he will experience another of these abilities on full bloom.

Reference of the meaning Premonition is an impression, often perceived as a warning, of a future event (from the Latin praemonēre, to forewarn: prae-, pre- + monēre, to warn). It bears similarities to the concept of second sight in that it frequently comes in the form of a paranormal vision or as a vivid dream.

Then the process of learning how to invocation and evocation comes in a long process of preparation from grandfather to grandson.

Most people with some background in metaphysics know the process of invocation. When you invoke, you open yourself to a specific energy or entity, parts of which you draw inside yourself by establishing a place of manifestation within yourself. How much you draw inside yourself is determined by how much space you make.

If the process of invocation goes out of control, then states of possession can ensue. This happens all too often when the person practicing invocations does not prepare and protect properly.

Channeling without protection can be dangerous and all too often attracts the wrong entity. This state of affairs is not helped by the naive way in which so many metaphysically inclined people believe anything told them which is the result of channeling.

A stupid being does not become wise merely by dying, nor does a malicious being become benevolent. Logical thinking is needed more in metaphysical matters than in everyday affairs. Runes are such that their impact via invocation can easily be modified and limited to what is desirable.

Contrary to popular belief, the process of evocation is harmless. The evocative energies becoming invocative can be the threat to the practitioner who did not know how to protect himself.

In evocation, the energies or entities evoked manifest outside the practitioner. This situation permits the triggering of immensely powerful energies. If these energies become invocative, i.e. if they invade the "circle of protection" then the practitioner may become overcharged. This is a potentially dangerous situation, and can lead to states of possession, because energies of a high order have a dimension of personification. In extreme circumstances the physical death of the unprotected practitioner could occur.

To avoid such problems with evocations, the practitioner has to have knowledge of a specific determinism and of the structure of the magical universe.

The cartomancy, palm reading and others comes after, the other abilities comes with time, and the only thing is that all this abilities don’t get lost for the inability to pass it to your direct blood line.

Now this abilities are enhance true time, if I am unable of having my own grandchild the linage is not lost, even if you don’t have more brothers on direct blood line because if you have a half brother like in my case, I have, his son will provide the cid for that transduction of those abilities to be preserve.

Even if my predecessors or I are not any longer on this physical world, we will communicate our knowledge with the proper clues for him, to know which his destiny and his legacy would be.

The ability of been able to communicate with the entities or energies, eider with good or evil ones comes it self as you grew up and enhance true time too. See impressions of sprits or ghost as many people interpret this events better known as haunting is the most complex ones because they will come to you eider to help you or for help, also in some cases to harm the ones close to you. Until they complete their time on the spirit world and pass to the light. Or fall to the category of becoming demons condemn being torment souls of this world.

Some people will fear this and think is a course in stead of a blessing, also on UK and US we became to be considered as Warlock's or male witches wizards or sorcerers, in the tribal culture we are consider shaman or which doctor so make your own judgment on how you wish to address my titles. If all this sound as a fantastic story to many this is my inevitable reality.

I will post some of my outer experience and thing that I couldn’t control, or say non about it for fear of being retaliated on some way, or being misinterpret, and as I say this is for protection or help others but with limitations, not to have fame or fortune.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hello! U.S.

Today do not have much news to say besides that we are going to have a nasty weather in TX, at least for the rest of the week ahead. Never less today, I talk to my mother and did not have the courage to tell her, that because the rugged economy my wife is going to have to put on hold, her school or as she, say lets put it on the back burner for now.

My wife took this decision because things are not being easy for us at all. We don’t have food or money for gas for the car that she can go back and forward to her job hoping someone could help. Today we had to go to the food pantry and ask for food.

My wife and I have a long discussion about it because I think she has been working hard to get this far in college. My wife said to me if I do not do this right now, we are going to be toast the economy is not improving, and we burn all the bullets, “(bank, short loans from mom, and friends and we still not clear on the money for the papers)”.

We really need to do that in order for me to start working and possibly then she could go back to school, but for now that was her decision. Some way I disagreed on it is her decision and I will respect it.

Some times personally hope some generous person will come to my blog and donate some generous sum of money to be done and over with, with this issue and I know that may be an opium dream, but hope they come reality.

In addition, I know that the economy is not the best for any one to be realistic. However, a little help 3 dollars or 5 would not hurt much and it might sound like I am cyber begin but in reality don’t know what other way I could help considering the facts of not being able to work legally, if you were on my situation wouldn’t you? Beg someone to help you.

Please read my post fully and you will see that I am not just doing this for the heck of it also I am doing this to express how I feel and how this is being affecting us in general, also to help me get better on my construction of my sentences in English. Why not get one or two points across, and heard others opinions about my blog and others blogs which I do enjoy reading.

Last but not least, I been not seen much respond from bloggers on comments, and yes I do appreciated the fact that I do have now few more followers at least more than I was expecting. First and to them my hart and soul because they make me have hope that every thing is possible, also inspire me to continue writing even when I do not have much to say.

Thanks and God bless you all.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The desperation times that brought me up here:

Was sometime ago when I decide to come to the US, and the story start when I was in a little town of Queretaro, México. Very historic town or city properly call, on that city I complete my education. My mayor, graphic arts, and design, when I was still on school I decide to start my own business, and talking to other co students, find my partner and good friend sharing the same ideas and ambitions.

Everything was going to set our destiny in motion, when I was 16 year old I was working for and office that did trade of imports and exports, which paid only, commission, and very low salary but thanks to the commissions, I save enough money for the future. The age of 20, when I decide to start this business I have all set to start. Did not need a partner but I thought it could be a good chance to grow fast on the business if we could take more jobs together than by my own.

I register the business on my corporate name, and we start to work with some of the contacts I generate through my earliest years on that agency. The business start booming thanks in part of that and part of my partner ability to generate more business contacts, but we were un attending, the production part, which starting to hurt the business. I talk to my partner and we agreed that we need to get more people involve maybe some sales person and some one to help on the production department and it was set I was going to find the person for the production department and my partner the sales representative.

Time went by and we did find the two people we needed however, one of them was going to give us a nasty stab on the back. The sales person was doing a astounding job on that department because the sales when up another 35% which was really good, and between my partner, I and the helper on production we were striving. One day our sales person came to us with tragic news about one of his family members and we believe that the fair thing to do was let him go and take care of the problem he was having. We let him know that his job will be secure with us when he comes back so he left that day and we did not hear anything else from him after few months later.

Later on time went by and we found out that he commit fraud by taking some money from our best clients we have in the company. He was asking them for advance money to complete the order which on my work orders was imprint on clear and legible letters we do not take advance money on any job and at the end of the job will be paid after approve from costumers.

Of course he ingeniously convince my costumers to give him a 50 % or more to do the job and we find out that when I was being sue by the collective of those costumers, I manage to paid back all the money he took. However, my business was completely destroy all our savings were gone and our reputation was destroyed by this crook to make things worse I was so mad at my partner in business that after making the proper arrangements to finish the partnership, we sold all the equipment, computers, printers, and more. We dissolved the relationship completely.

I try to start the business with different name but still on my registration on the tax office was not going to be no change because ones you have a business the number they assign to you is unique you can change the name of the company but not the number.

Making things worse the economy was not helping, my business was suffering, and I was loosing. I decided to close the business for good and start working for someone else. Being paid a miserable salary and lot of hours. Sometime after I decide to give myself a break from the degree that I earned and stat working on a HOTEL as bell person and valet parking on the 3rd shift. Working on 3rd shift is not exactly anyone’s cup of tea but the money was good and things were different. Some time after the economy was starting to affect the Hotel industry as well. I decided to find something else to do but there was not much to choose. The money would not covering the expenses of the home I share with my mother because as many would say I am old fashion and help mom out with the rent which make me more responsible in life.

After some years of struggle, I decide to have a fresh start and that is when I came across with the idea of coming to the U.S. and sold the car I own and some of my most of my possessions. This money was to help me on my way to the American dream. I knew a friend here on the U.S that he have his own business and I work with him for a while, which help me thru some time to get by. This also gave me a chance to find out more about how things work here and know the laws and the language, which was the difficult part to get to the point I am now. I decide to get my tax id and pay my taxes to be in good with the Uncle Sam. After some time my friend got me into the electrical trade and start to learn how to do things right, when thing got tougher with the economy I was my self on the crossing roads of going back to México or stay and roll with the punches. I thought lets see how things are.

I met my sweet and wonderful wife and my companion for life and thought this is going to be my destined to be this way. She was on the mist of deciding to go back home to Ohio or stay here in Texas which was my same dilemma, we start to talk and get know each other and for that I am so grateful that she stay, with time we became good friends and now husband and wife. Yes as many other couples we have our problems but we try to get them solve together and stay strong as marriage.

Now we are facing the hardest test of our marriage hopeful that this will make us strong on it and prove to every one that thought this marriage was not met to be that they were wrong and we can conquer the world if we stay together.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is it $ 3,000.00 in candy will make you sick?

Today watching TMZ heard that Mrs. Britney Spears was at some hotel in Las Vegas Nevada, with her kid’s. She having a crying kid on her hands and she decide to drop by the sugar factory located in side of the hotel and buy $ 3,000.00 in candy that was delivered to her suite, and did make me think how stupid could be certain famous people.

Top it all with the fact that understandably is their money but the economy is not in the best shape ever and people of middle class is struggle-making ends met. Personally, I think this crazy woman thought that buying some candy to her kid is going to teach him good values and responsibilities of life or teach him to be a good with other human being. What she is going to do instead is teaching that he can run over any one he wants with her money not even his, and then I wonder why then other famous people trying to do good things would not get work done when she throw all overboard with that simple action.

If I could say good examples of famous people helping others Brad Pit with this project of homes for people that was affected for the hurricane Katrina that is a good project made up possible thanks to a decent men.

On the other hand we can mentioned the irresponsible act cause by the son of Hulk Hogan that doing drugs and alcohol kill his friend on a street racing accident. Which he already pay his punish time on the big house and think still doing some community service but why not to correct that unwanted behavior since their earliest years. Oh shit I forgot is easy to get them $ 3000 dollars in candy than educate and show them that it is ok to cry for things that hurt us but not to cope a tantrum.

Besides who will say that those kids’s will not end on one of those, clinics that replace the whole teeth, think the name is ClearChoice. The best part is that they will not have to deal with a cripple health insurance and payment plans. Least they will go out of the dentist in one single appointment. Who to say that they will go and get the sports car to crash on the first drunken party with mom’s money this just make me sick to my stomach, not just the candy, but her dumb actions and I do not know if she knows that what she is doing is causing more harm than good.

If you have comments regarding this post, please do not hesitated on make in them.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Last 24 hours:

Last 24 hours:

On the last 24 hours is been extremely difficult to think what else to do, to raise money for the process of immigration. Now if things were going to be this complicated why you think I bother to ask, well the answer might surprise you.

1. I do not have a rich side of the family and neither my wife.

2. We could just borrow the money from someone, and that someone would not see payment retribution until I could start working. This would be after sending the papers and wait for the 3 to four months, which is the time that takes the work permit to be receive back on the mail, plus the time it will take for me to find a job. “That on my personal experience it will not take long and I could bet on that.”

3. Not only will alleviate part, if not all of the tensions, on our economic needs but will give us breathe of fresh air on everything else.

Even when Angel face is lighting up our life with laughs and good company does not change the fact of being worry about our financial situation.

Another thing that is on mind is that we are now a family of three, with this new addition to our family and is one more mouth to feed, yes; I’m talking about the doggy.

I have been trying to crunch the numbers of what has to be paid at this time and point, and the numbers don’t look pretty. Especially because the rent is coming and $ 630.00 is not going to cover much considering our rent is $549.00 so the remaining amount will have to pay for food and nothing else.

Therefore, either a miracle happens and someone we know wins the lotto and helps us out or we will be on deep troubles, because we also have that dam car title loan to pay that if the stupid fuel pump would not stop working at that freaking time, we will be by now out of it. And that crap really put us behind, back again.

Just as curiosity if you were in our place what would you do?

We also are going to try catholic charities for the papers. I thought you have to belong in a church for them to help you. However, according to her, you do not need to belong to any church, and I hope she is right on this information. It would be nice if they are willing to help us with the immigration process.

When I thought about it, and I meant the links for donations, it did sound like a wonderful idea, however, on my opinion a couple of dollars here and there from different people will not cause a burden on their finances but apparently it does.

I will keep the donations links for more time to see, if we get the help from catholic charities. Well I will remove links from the blog but if not I hope other blogers come and share this with their contacts and friends, thru email, tweeter and Facebook or any other way possible. That will help tremendously. And for that I thank you.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Black and White never look better in ourlives

    On Friday the 25th of September a 6 month old puppy came to be with us. We were not expecting this to happen but she was a rescue dog and the apartment complex manager thought that this cute puppy could come and stay with my wife and I. Her name is Angel Face and that her name fits her well. The first day with her she was a little timid and skittish until she knew how her owners were going to treat her. She is house broken which she loves to take walks. She is fixed so that is a good thing. Now the second day is coming to a end and we are still trying to figure out her personality. Suprisely we would not have to use the services of the Dog Whisper. My wife and I hope rise up our sprirts in the hopes for better future. Considering I am house bound most of the day by myself. I think this is a good idea. Personally I think this will help my wife because she loves to nurture. I will keep a update on Angelface from time to time letting people know how she is doing. My wife is going to check into a class for Angelface to be a Therapy dog which I think this is a great idea. Angelface will be a good canidate to be a therapy dog.

      Indepently I am a little disappointed for some reason my blog is not getting enough hits and again I am probably wrongfor tinking this hopefully the addition of the puppy in ourlives will also improve some of the quality of my blogs.  Because I said on the Google Reader and the Google Forms (the Coffee shop) I have 31 blogs that I follow and read religously I might not make comments on all of them however for me it is hard to wrap around some of the words to make the comments. 
I do appolgize that I don't make comments often but I will try to improve making more comments on them. 

I will come back with more at soon as I can come up with some fresh ideas that are around on my mind.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally, are things taking a turn for the better or the worse:

After much time and effort finally I came to a conclusion, it could not be the best of all but every time I am watching TV, I find some times amusement not only the news but different programs on it, and I did notice that in some way are on better position, on the way how to distract people of the bad news with news of different matter, that are as well important, but the important matters that move our sole existence, are given a second place, giving all the attention to the trivial things like the who is on the very first place on gossiping of TMZ and other entertainment programs.

Finding people who is participating on contest shows to win thousand of dollars like on Wheel of Fortune or Deal or no Deal, shows making us think that there is no economical crisis at all, but reality are we turning for the better or for the worse.

The way I see it is, we are coming to be total hypocrites because we are not seeing the big picture here. We suppose to be help each other, and those who need us, extending the helping hand, I am not saying just for the help I been asking myself, but for the help that even our own family could use or the neighbor next door.

In addition, I notice few TV commercials that bring the sensible human being on us, making us think of the needy like the kids from under develop countries, which I think they are the future. The commercials of the SPCA against cruelty of animals, which they make me, cry to the bone, because I do love animals. However for some reason the people is not being able to help a stranger, because understandable it is the fact that all of us got burn by helping others on some point in time on our life, but that does not mean that we suppose to stop helping others.

If I would count the times of helping people and getting burn by them, I could write a book. Knowing it does hurt when someone abuses of your kindness however, I pick up the pieces and recover after sometime. Trying to trust someone again is hard to do.

Will the common sense ever kick in? I think! Should I stop this non-sense of helping others? Probably never because it is my nature, even when we look everywhere it seems people are cheating, either the system, their partners, spouses, friends; and family. I should put a little salt on the open wound. Should we turn our heads the other way? On the other hand, what shall we do?

I think this and probably you disagreed with me, but I think chances are that one day you or someone close to you will need the help and when that happened and you don’t find no one to provide that help, you will find out how frustrating this is, if you or someone you know is not experiencing right now, well there is and expression that says, if the horse throw you of the settle get up dust off and get on it again, which no many people do for fear of falling off again.

For some saving a kid or a dog means the world to do it, I think it should mean the universe if they help some one that is pleading for help.

I will ask you what do you think?

Process and analysis of Becoming a Permanent Resident "FINAL PART"

After all the time, money invested finally the process end with the last thing and the most important of all:

“The Oath of Allegiance”

“ I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian
direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.” the Website of (USCIS) find the (The Oath of Allegiance) in “Guide of Naturalization” 
Congratulations Citizen on receiving the Citizenship, now go and live as a citizen into freedom and enjoy all the benefits that United States has to offer.


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Now that you are a Permanent Resident. Retrieved December 5, 2007, from Web site:

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Process and analysis of Becoming a Permanent Resident part "TWO"

There are two ways for the petitioner can file the papers, one, is the regular procedure which can take up to 4 to 6 months the second, is called District Office Rapid Adjustment of Status Pilot Program (DORA) what this program is open to the people in Texas as well other states. and the program is a quick procedure it takes up to 3 months or less to complete. The petitioner needs to go on to the site of (“USCIS”) to infopass and make an appointment. The day and time of the appointment, the petitioner and the immigrant will meet with an immigration officer. They will ask many questions and the petitioner will present all the paperwork to the officer. The Website of (Murthy 2006) of the article “USCIS Expands Dallas Pilot Program” states “After the interview, the participants will receive an appointment notice for biometrics.

Due to the need for fingerprinting and security checks, a case cannot be approved at the time of the interview.”(Murthy 2006) The applicant will make an appointment on Infopass, for this. The applicant will receive the papers of approval or a denial. "DORA program is no longer in use do to be just a pilot program".

Receiving a denial in the mail is frustrating, but the applicant can appeal the decision. The applicant has 30 days to appeal. The Website of (USCIS) of the article (“How do I appeal the Denial of my Petition or Application?”) states “When appealing the decision the applicant is asking for a higher authority to review a
denial. The applicant can file for a motion to reopen or a motion to reconsider with the office that made the unfavorable decision.” (USCIS) There is a form to fill out and a fee to file with the form. The form is Notice of Appeal or Motion the fee is $585. The applicant makes a statement why the higher authority should change their decision. The applicant should seek out a lawyer to heal with the appeal.

The applicant and the lawyer will go before a judge, and will make the decision. If the applicant was approved then congratulation he or she is a Permanent Resident. Being a permanent resident, does not stop there, the resident have rights and responsibilities. The Website of (USCIS) of the article (“Now that you are a Permanent Resident”) states, “The rights as a permanent resident are that he or she does not commit any crimes that would make him or she removes from United States. He or she can vote where United States Citizenship is not required.” (USCIS) “There is an exception on voting he or she cannot vote in the elections limited to United States Citizens.” (USCIS) “The permanent resident has responsibilities as well and that is he or she is required to obey all laws of the United States.

He or she is required to report all tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service and State IRS. If the resident is a male ages of 18 through 25 he is required to register with the Selective Service.” (USCIS)

Every permanent resident has a dream to become a United States Citizen this is an exciting time to get prepared. There is a waiting period for the resident to become a United States Citizen, and that is 3 to 5 years to file for the Naturalization. There is a form and a fee, for this which is Application for Naturalization and the fee is $675. Reasoning for the 5 years, this shows to the United States that the resident has been in the United States. The Website of (USCIS) of the Guide (“A Guide to Naturalization”) “The applicant must show he or she has been a person of good moral character for the statutory period of 3 years, if the resident is married to an U.S Citizen and 5 years, if you are not married. They look at the good moral character on base of not committed a crime, has earned his or her principal income from illegal gambling, has been involved in smuggling illegal immigrants into the United States.”(pg .25) 

The process of naturalization there are steps to go through before taking that “Oath.” One apply and complete the application and get his or hers 2 passport-style photographs. Send the application and all documents that are needed and photos and fee to the USCIS. Study for the English and civics test. The applicant can find the questions on the test in the on The Website of USCIS “A Guide to Naturalization.” Here are Examples of what is on the Test. “How many voting members are in the House of Representatives?” (pg. 58, Question 28)

“How many Senators are there in Congress?” (pg. 57, Question 25) “Name the amendments that guarantee or address voting rights.” (pg. 59, Question 72) That is some of the questions to the test. Once the resident receives the appointment for the interview at the USCIS, the applicant will be answering questions that the officer will be asking. Then the applicant will take English and Civics test. The immigration officer will grant the decision to the resident.

Congratulations resident a date of the ceremony will arrive in the mail. When the resident get there the resident will turn in the permanent resident card then the resident will be ask some questions about what the resident have done since the interview. Then the big moment taking the “The Oath of Allegiance.”

Sunday, September 20, 2009

i have to thank La Jenno for her coment, and also:

I will put my two cents on this matter:

Thank you for your comment Jenno, but I just did not understood what you meant by, quote: “I still wish I didn't live in the states. While it's more "free"”, aren't you happy to be an American, because I will agreed with you on the facts of some politics, knowing are not perfect, and here are my two cents on this, I will tell you that if you where in México you will say pleeeaaaseee! Make me a US citizen. Things are not what many think, there is to much corruption and favoritism, even with a good career and preparation you are living in hell and let me put a good example: I am a graphic arts and design professional and if I own my own business, I will be making like converting already to dollars after tax and all that no more than $450 to $600 dollars a month and you are paying rent on the building your business place is the cheapest is $750 a month without utilities plus all you need like food and clothing, tell me if would be anything left mmm... Oh! I forgot now I am in debt $150 dollars every month because the rent I have wouldn't you be looking for a better and bluer skies.

And hope you have your own home other wise if not is another rent a plus of what you owe so you will be giving yourself to the debt for life, when I took the decision of coming to the US., I did not knew much of the process and did not know what to expect, but I was willing to work it out the best way I could, and I swear is not been easy and my wife would say the same, not only we embrace the challenges of culture barriers and costumes but all the complexity of the hatred we receive.

I think if I do become resident of the United Stated and later on a citizen, I always am grateful of these opportunities and all the experiences obtain in the process. Now I am going to talk about other things.

Today we went to the hospital for my wife she is been having problems with her leg, since January she was bite we think, and gradually the area is being affected with this kind of ulcer that even when we do all the doctors say, is not getting better so we decide today to try on some other hospital and get another opinions but because we do not have insurance especially my wife she is getting no where, and so we will take care the best way possible until I become legal resident then we will be able to have insurance, because with one income is not possible to have all the bases cover with no home run coming soon, if you know what I mean.

I know it might sound selfish for my wife to not have insurance until then, but the one she have on her job will take at least close to $ 200.00 a month which we can not afforded, not with the other expenses of rent and bills we have, and discus on our budget which is not bullet prove but is helping us to get by.

Do I worry about my wifes leg?, yes I do but we don’t have much choice I also have serious problems with my teeth and we can not fix it or take care but that do not make me not want to be a resident or citizen, on the opposite it make me more firm on my goal because I know all will be fine after that, we will be able to tackle bigger things and get the family we want, and for some reason I would say yes I do think times are bad but all will change for the good for all.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Process and analysis of Becoming a Permanent Resident part "ONE"

This is part one of how many forms and money is require to become residen

Becoming a permanent resident and a citizen is a long and learning process. This paper will explain the steps to become a permanent resident and the steps to become a citizen. What are the expectations out of the immigrant?

When coming into the United States the immigrant has to make sure that, he or she comes in the correct way. There are many ways to go about becoming a permanent resident and here are a few of the ways. The Website of (USCIS) the article “Who May Apply to become a Lawful Permanent Resident While in the
United States” states, “One way is on Employment visa through he or she employer in the United State the employer has to fill out a petition.” (USCIS) “Second, way is through a Family member that is a United States citizen then they can do a family-based visa petition.”(USCIS) “Third, way is tourist visa, which is a B-2 visa he or she can apply for residency while in the United States.” (USCIS)

If the immigrant is on the B-2 visa while in the United States and the immigrant married an U.S. Citizen, then there are filling procedures to follow to obtain the permanent residency. The U.S Citizen that is married to the immigrant is the petitioner. As the petitioner, the person is responsible to keep up with the updates in addition, make sure all forms are current. The petitioner can download the forms from the site of (U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services) know as the (“USCIS”) that is the main immigration site. The break down of each form and cost are as followed; first, form is Petition for Alien Relative the cost of this form is $365.Second, form is the Biographical Information cost of this form is Free. Third, form is the Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status this form cost $930 plus a biometrics fee of $80. Fourth, form is the Supplement A Form I-485 cost of this form is $1,000. Fifth, is the Affidavit of Support this
form is a very important form. This is for the petitioner that he or she fills out it shows the Immigration that the petitioner is going to be responsible for the immigrant. If the petitioner falls under the guidelines of poverty then there has to be a Co-Signer and the Co-Signer has to fill out the Affidavit of Support form this form
is free. Sixth, is the Medical Examination that the form is free but the Exam cost $200 the immigrant has to go to one of the doctors that are listed on the site. Seventh, form is Application for Employment Authorization the cost is $340 lastly, this form is if the immigrant wants to Travel outside of the country only for family emergency and that form cost $305 if applicable.

Once the petitioner fills out the forms, the petitioner has to collect all documents to complete the packet. The documents includes copies of both Driver Licenses, Certified copy of Marriage Licenses, petitioners copy of Social Security Card, the immigrants copy of Passport, and I-94 and Visa, Certified copy of both Birth
Certificates, Utilities Bill, Copy of Rental Lease also copy of receipts. If the immigrant or petitioner have been divorced in the past then it is required to have a certified copy of divorce decree, petitioner has to provide proof of Tax information.

If the immigrant has an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number will need to have a copy of that number. Bring along pictures of the wedding and pictures of being together with friends. Immigration suggests bringing as much information to the meeting. Make sure that the fee’s are in individual money orders.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On Monday hell break loose:

This past Monday morning my wife and I where going to get some groceries for us to eat, at least for the whole week. However, once we were ready to go, and get the mail first the car just start acting up, we have a Ford Taurus 2000, that we did get 3 months ago or so I do not remember, anyhow the car was stalling but nothing to be worried I thought, YEA SURE…

Well it stop and did not start again, my wife had to go to work that day. I try every thing on my book to make it start, and nothing the worse is that we didn’t have our phones, because we couldn’t pay it two weeks prior and that was the second thing we were going to take care that day, so we were in a mess. We were in a total predicament as you can imagine, not only that we dreaded so much to go that day and get more money out of the loan we have on the car title loan place because we were going to paid it off on the 18 of this month, but we didn’t have food or phone.
We decide to go and take just 200 dollars out, but we end it having to take more because the stupid Taurus decide it to get break down that same day WTF… don’t think bad I mean Wonder Total Frustration LOL. Any way, that day was not exactly the best day for the pump apparently.
The gas pump has to be change and as you guess it was expensive, and put us in a bind again, that is why is very important for us to get the papers, because with me not working is taking a tow on my wife Denise, as well on me.
Did I mention that I lost one of my front teeth just brushing it, and there is two more very lose that are beside the one that fell out? Well for the ones that think that a nervous break down will not cause to lose your teeth, I got news for you, especially if you grind your teeth in the middle of the night while sleeping.

Dam it I did it again I lost my train of what I was going to say……… Oh yes do not think this was funny, because it was not!
I thought that for real hell was release in earth especially when my wife started worrying of how she was going to go to work and so on and so on. Well finally the car got fix and we spend 300 total for the repairs, plus the money of the food and phone we end it with in debt of 550 dollars, plus 278 that was on the original loan, so plus interest it went back to 900 and some, and you think you have it easy today.
I decide to start a video on you tube to bring more people to the blog and let them know what is going on, in our hectic life.
The reason I decide to put this video on YouTube, is to ask, the viewers, for help getting my goal of become a residents in the United States, and to many it will sound ridiculous, especially in a video why this guy is asking for help and conceal his identity?.

Well to those who ask the answer is simple, I do have to conceal my identity in order to be able to get to the viewers without risking or my process of immigration until is done. What do you think?
In addition, I say that I am married to a wonderful woman been married for the past 3 years and this being my first and only marriage, which I hope last for years to come. I hope people will understand that my intentions is that I did not get married to get my residency like many will probably think or just for the hell of it, but because I do believe in my marriage the love I have for my wife and the possibilities of a long future with her.
I did make an offer that, gladly will invite the viewers to help thru my blog. I have been asking to you my fellow bloggers the same explaining to the viewers like I have been explaining to my readers and if I omit that I will explain it again. The link is to a safe donation page with pay pal option, and once the goal is reached, it will close and no more donations will be accepted and will be delete after transferring the funds in to the bank. That is why the urge of the timing is important to be done no later than October 30. This will allow us to initiate the immigration process, also once the process is complete and I receive my documents an estimated time of 3 to four months, I will come out of the shadows and I will be able to work and help my wife out and not feel like I have failed her as husband. I was just born on the wrong side of the borderline.
In addition, I came with this idea so please give me your honest opinion on this idea. I do know that the Economic Times are Tough but it is time to get tougher solutions, because I think everything is possible, it will be cuts of all kind, and possibly you are not prepare for those cuts but we will have to make them no matter what and I hope you agreed on that with me.

1. Stop putting excuses like there is no jobs out there, there is jobs. Maybe not the ones we would like to have and not with the pay, we want but are there.
2. Get involve in your community to find resources that not been explore and if is not possible to find any jobs on your community get together with other and share ideas on how is possible to generate new ones or new business in which more people can get involved with you sharing the same ideas. I know this sound easy to say but not easy to do.
3. I know that might be difficult to adapt to a low wage if you use to earn big money but thing it as a temporary solution and not get discouraged.
4. Finally stop complaining that you already went and put so many applications and no one is hiring keep putting applications every place you can, and if you have a computer this make it easy, not only you could research your communities but all the possible resources needed in it.
One more thing I know that coming from me might not make a difference but I will say to those that do not like Hispanics, people from foreign countries, and the ones that share this common idea. We did come to take or steal jobs from you. We are only trying to get a better future for our families and ourselves and some people take advantage of it yes you guess it unscrupulous employers which as consequence cause the low wages in general. The worse part is we are all stuck in this planet with nowhere else to go, and if we can help each other in some way why do not we do?
As immigrant coming from México with a visa and a passport I will tell you, when I decide to come here married and stay, I did have some things clear in my mind and that was to adopt the culture, learn the language and respect others peoples point of view, but also I have to say, yes I did born Mexican I do have a country and a president in it which been here is not going to do nothing for them on my part, but now United States of America is the country I live in, and the president is my president too even when I didn’t vote for him because I’m not citizen, but if I was I will exercise that right like you do, and last but not least you will never see me carrying a Mexican flag in the US like when the marching asking to be heard, that is insulting on my personal opinion you could be proud of your country but don’t disrespect the one you come to live in and if you after all decide to do so because you are proud of it then return to your place and be proud there.
My mom says this saying “never bite the hand of the one is feeding you” and I think is a very wise advice.
I will come out with more of what is going on around.

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