Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Does the cat is trying to tell us somethiing

“Side story” I know this will sound strange but do you believe in coincidence or six sense from animals, if you do let me tell you, last night we were planning on going to do groceries at 12 midnight, once my wife food card was reload. So we have a cat, once we were ready to go out, she was in the bedroom once at the door but without opening it yet, she came running something that she never does; she sat at the door like saying no guys do no leave or you are not supposed to go right now anywhere , which we thought was very unusual, for the cat to act this way. But did not care much, we got to the car in the parking lot, the car did not start at all, so we went back to the house very hungry both but we did not leave. In the morning I left my wife sleep until 10:50 or so, that way we could try to get a neighbor to jump start the car and can get some work done myself, once she was ready we go to the parking lot but no one close to ask, I thought let’s try if it does not start we will stop someone in the parking lot and we ask to be jump start, put the key in the ignition and BAAAMMM! It starts right away. I think the cat try to WARN us that something was going to happen by going so late to Wall Mart may be a robbery or an accident or even stop by police for something so dumb like a tail light. But considering the insurance, just have like 4 days expire it could be a problem, any way something to talk about right.

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