Monday, January 18, 2010

As always, I will ask nicely:

For some reason I have been having very little respond from readers and from followers I do not know it because I am not good enough as a writer or because simply I do not have much to say or ask.

On January 1 of 2010, I thought it was going to be another regular day. Oh, boy was I wrong. The same day, our cell phone shut off and Denise went to work as usual taking off a little earlier that day from the house. Usually, she works from 3 pm to 11 p.m.

Exactly at 2:30 PM., something told me to call her however, finding out myself that we did not have phone service, so I tried not to worry. At 2:55 P.M., a neighbor came to the house and told me that I needed to come to her house and call your wife she was in a car accident.

I took off just hoping that my wife was okay. Once I arrived at the neighbors, apartment the phone rang and it was my wife as she sounded scared and shaken up. I was relieved when I heard that my wife did not cause the accident it was the other person.

The time of the accident, she and the person that was involved decided not to call the cops and move away from the scene. With my wife, only about 3 minutes away from her job they decide to go to her work, check out everything, and switch information. He admitted to my wife that it was his fault because he was not paying attention to the road I wonder why he was on his cell phone and he was driving with his arm in a sling.

I spoke to the person myself on the phone and ask him questions and every question he could not reply logically I assumed it was because he was confused due to the accident. When my wife got back on the phone I ask her not to let the person go so I could see the damages well by the time I arrived he already left. My wife said that the person wanted to go and here is the number where he could be reach if we need anything. I checked out our car and fortunately, the damage on our car was minor thank goodness.

I had to take my wife to the ER because she bumped her head and finding out it was a contusion, which I was happy for that nothing, major.

Two days later, my wife called the person and the person did not answer the phone however, she left a message and he never returns her call at work. On January 11, 2010, my wife goes to work and finding out that there was a message on the door stating to call this person. His father and he met her at her work so they could get more information as they proceed on talking the father said well it is your fault how my son could cause the accident because he is extremely cautious. My wife was furious at this point and she said well I am as well cautious and the father said well according to the insurance company they think that there is no way it could be his fault.

Thank goodness, my mother helped us with getting our phones turned back on. We finally called our insurance, explain to them about the accident, and see what we need to do now. Finding out that our insurance need to be renewed oh great and we never received anything on this. Can anything go right for once?
To make maters worse when she received her check we had to put most of it towards the rent and we still have late fees. Thank goodness, she received a gift card for Christmas at work and we used that for a little food what 20 dollars can get us. We also had to have gas so we put 10 dollars in the tank and here we are totally, broke and it is not easy. Trust me I am not saying it is probably not easy for you as well.

My wife suffers with high blood pressure and if she goes through her work to get health insurance they will take 200 dollars out every month and she only brings home 1200 dollars a month. Well that means it will be only 1000 dollars a month and we cannot do that. We are gasping for air, we put our heads together to come up with solutions, and it is hard. My wife is trying to find another job and you know how hard that is.

I know this might sound like a broken record. I want to become legal resident, to help my wife and we cannot afford the cost of it. Moreover, I cannot work legally until is done.

Anyway, I just wanted to bring to your attention as readers of this blog that I have been having certainly a real pleasure on writing stories for you. Unfortunately, I am having a difficult time trying to think anything else besides my own problems and my own worries. Of course, nevertheless, the facts that recently I asked help to all, on donating to help us out with my papers for immigration, which only one of my readers did. I will not say names, but I already extend my deepest gratitude to that person.

However, As always, I will ask nicely to all again two simple things the first one will be the most easier to do. That is to recommend my blog to every single one of your followers and please include on your recommendation. A small NOTE explaining that probably I am not probably the best blog ever, but I do need help desperately. Just do it on your own words.

The second thing I am asking you is, I do understand economy is the worst. In addition, everybody is saving their money and trying to provide for their own families. However, a small donation of five dollars or more if you can. It will be highly appreciated the same way the people who make that wonderful contribution of $ 20 to me. She did it by clicking into the donation button of the PayPal, which I know that she have the peace of mind that the transaction was successful in a proper way and all information related to that credit card it is encrypted that no one will see it, not even me.

Please, do not worry about your safety on the transaction. I will e-mail a personal letter not only to thank you. Nevertheless, to give you updates through e-mail.

I pray to God to give you blessings for reading these lines and taking that precious time to understand us. My wife and I we are hopeful that things will get better. Thank you again and God bless you all.

Always yours: Armando and Denise.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

An angel disguised as a woman with a huge and generous heart:

A couple of days ago, when I was feeling really down emotionally I start replying to all the blogs, I follow and discover that one of them was an angel disguised as a woman. I know the economy is really in bad shape. However, she was able to donate to my blog. $20 through paypal for what I became speechless and very grateful.

I should say for whatever reason she did it proved to my wife and me that there are still great people out there. However, hope is the last thing we should lose. I know there is something inside each and everyone of us that care for others and that is what is describe as all of us being unique. Because before leaving someone suffers pain or anguish, we will give ourselves the thought of, what if I was on his shoes. In addition, we help some people with prayer. Some people help with money, and some people help with either moral support, clothes or food.

I have seen it with my own eyes. More than once, why wait until a tragedy occurs, to help others this has been on my mind all the time. However, I wish I could help others the same way I have been help, but at this time, it is impossible. I have to think if by any means I can help others, once I become a resident, I will do so with open heart.

I know a difficult topic that not many people touch, but it is anything on my physical body that can save lives. I will do so. That is another reason I wish to be a legal resident of United States that I can became an organ donor. In case of something happened to me or in case someone needs something from me that can save his or her life. In addition, if the economy changes for the better in the future, I will also help.

I reply to her to let her know how appreciative and grateful I am to her, because with her actions she throws to me a life jacket, without knowing if I will be helping others the same way She helped me, but I will. In addition, that is what it makes us closer to each other as humans.

When I saw that, act of generosity. I cry like a baby, and being long time since I cry. She did give me hope she gave me the strength to keep going. In addition, for that I am grateful. She did restore my faith in my brothers and on sisters.

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