Saturday, September 26, 2009

Black and White never look better in ourlives

    On Friday the 25th of September a 6 month old puppy came to be with us. We were not expecting this to happen but she was a rescue dog and the apartment complex manager thought that this cute puppy could come and stay with my wife and I. Her name is Angel Face and that her name fits her well. The first day with her she was a little timid and skittish until she knew how her owners were going to treat her. She is house broken which she loves to take walks. She is fixed so that is a good thing. Now the second day is coming to a end and we are still trying to figure out her personality. Suprisely we would not have to use the services of the Dog Whisper. My wife and I hope rise up our sprirts in the hopes for better future. Considering I am house bound most of the day by myself. I think this is a good idea. Personally I think this will help my wife because she loves to nurture. I will keep a update on Angelface from time to time letting people know how she is doing. My wife is going to check into a class for Angelface to be a Therapy dog which I think this is a great idea. Angelface will be a good canidate to be a therapy dog.

      Indepently I am a little disappointed for some reason my blog is not getting enough hits and again I am probably wrongfor tinking this hopefully the addition of the puppy in ourlives will also improve some of the quality of my blogs.  Because I said on the Google Reader and the Google Forms (the Coffee shop) I have 31 blogs that I follow and read religously I might not make comments on all of them however for me it is hard to wrap around some of the words to make the comments. 
I do appolgize that I don't make comments often but I will try to improve making more comments on them. 

I will come back with more at soon as I can come up with some fresh ideas that are around on my mind.

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  1. Great dog.
    I think blogging can be hard.


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