Sunday, September 20, 2009

i have to thank La Jenno for her coment, and also:

I will put my two cents on this matter:

Thank you for your comment Jenno, but I just did not understood what you meant by, quote: “I still wish I didn't live in the states. While it's more "free"”, aren't you happy to be an American, because I will agreed with you on the facts of some politics, knowing are not perfect, and here are my two cents on this, I will tell you that if you where in México you will say pleeeaaaseee! Make me a US citizen. Things are not what many think, there is to much corruption and favoritism, even with a good career and preparation you are living in hell and let me put a good example: I am a graphic arts and design professional and if I own my own business, I will be making like converting already to dollars after tax and all that no more than $450 to $600 dollars a month and you are paying rent on the building your business place is the cheapest is $750 a month without utilities plus all you need like food and clothing, tell me if would be anything left mmm... Oh! I forgot now I am in debt $150 dollars every month because the rent I have wouldn't you be looking for a better and bluer skies.

And hope you have your own home other wise if not is another rent a plus of what you owe so you will be giving yourself to the debt for life, when I took the decision of coming to the US., I did not knew much of the process and did not know what to expect, but I was willing to work it out the best way I could, and I swear is not been easy and my wife would say the same, not only we embrace the challenges of culture barriers and costumes but all the complexity of the hatred we receive.

I think if I do become resident of the United Stated and later on a citizen, I always am grateful of these opportunities and all the experiences obtain in the process. Now I am going to talk about other things.

Today we went to the hospital for my wife she is been having problems with her leg, since January she was bite we think, and gradually the area is being affected with this kind of ulcer that even when we do all the doctors say, is not getting better so we decide today to try on some other hospital and get another opinions but because we do not have insurance especially my wife she is getting no where, and so we will take care the best way possible until I become legal resident then we will be able to have insurance, because with one income is not possible to have all the bases cover with no home run coming soon, if you know what I mean.

I know it might sound selfish for my wife to not have insurance until then, but the one she have on her job will take at least close to $ 200.00 a month which we can not afforded, not with the other expenses of rent and bills we have, and discus on our budget which is not bullet prove but is helping us to get by.

Do I worry about my wifes leg?, yes I do but we don’t have much choice I also have serious problems with my teeth and we can not fix it or take care but that do not make me not want to be a resident or citizen, on the opposite it make me more firm on my goal because I know all will be fine after that, we will be able to tackle bigger things and get the family we want, and for some reason I would say yes I do think times are bad but all will change for the good for all.


  1. Armando, thanks for sharing your view and also challenging mine. I do understand that perhaps in comparison to Mexico, the States are a relative safe haven. The troubles you are facing right now, however, with rent, insurance... those are the same struggles for us. I myself am unemployable (for the moment anyway) for a disability, although I'm not able to collect benefits at this time because I'm having trouble getting all my paperwork together. My boyfriend works as much as he can, but it's still not enough to be able to afford insurance for me and adequate food for us both. Our rent and utilities total about the same on roughly $900 a month. He's got about $5000 in debt from his ex-wife abusing his credit cards when they were married also, and is facing wage garnishment within the next month. The only way in which I can contribute right now is giving my neighbor rides to work in exchange for food. The struggles are not too different, except that we were born here and you two were not. Neither struggle is fair, but it's just how things go. I personally would simply prefer somewhere with a different political and social structure. I didn't mean any offense, actually quite the opposite. Yes, with enough hard work and determination, this is the land of possibilities... but for us it has become a land of limitations and broken dreams. It's just not for us is all.
    I hope your wife's leg gets better soon! It looks like it can't feel good -- I hope they can figure out what caused it so it can heal.
    Here's wishing you many blessings and luck on your journey.

  2. Thank you jenno I do appreciated your comments and I feel that for all of us including you, things will get better my wife thank you for your comments as well she is from Ohio and this makes it more difficult for her being in TX because her family is not here.


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