Monday, September 14, 2009

Hi every one it’s me again lol:

For what it concerns to the day of today was not a very active neither for me or for my wife but I was felling little down, we do not have food on the home all of our resources been deploy and clearly do not know what we are going to do for the entire week at least the faith ministries took care of the electric and we will not going to be shut off but that doesn’t at ease how my wife and I we feel.

We struggle but we try our best not to have confrontations because of it I did receive a letter from john which gave me hope on knowing that some one is reading my blog and my story is been heard even with my terrible spelling and my lack of grammar composition but I will keep trying my best to keep the writing coming.

Letting all know how thing are going and if there is any good or bad that we experienced, we do not have her family close by they live in Ohio and my live in México so on times we fell pretty lonely, and with no one to help us or at least listening.

Some one else also ask me for putting pictures and funny stuff but the way personally I been feeling well not exactly on the mud for putting funny things I know that on time to time you have to laugh out loud about things in life and see the bright side of it, but it is hard. I use to laugh of the most simplest things in life and make jokes and cry when I need it to clear my soul and show my emotions but now even crying for me is difficult because have to be strong for both other wise the strength of my wife will succumb with me and that is the last thing I would like to happens.

So in order to make laugh some people I will tell the story of a cat that we had but because the economy and me resulting allergic to her, we find some one else to take care of her was a nice calico kitten was a total show when she play she also like to bug me at night but no my wife so must of the time I end it awake and my wife sleeping like a baby but going back about the cat she love the weather report on the news at 10 pm no other channels will cause her to run and stand in front of the TV and I do have the pictures to prove it.

There she is approaching 
Sitting patiently and listening
After seeing the 7 day forecast she move on with her playing

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