Monday, September 28, 2009

Last 24 hours:

Last 24 hours:

On the last 24 hours is been extremely difficult to think what else to do, to raise money for the process of immigration. Now if things were going to be this complicated why you think I bother to ask, well the answer might surprise you.

1. I do not have a rich side of the family and neither my wife.

2. We could just borrow the money from someone, and that someone would not see payment retribution until I could start working. This would be after sending the papers and wait for the 3 to four months, which is the time that takes the work permit to be receive back on the mail, plus the time it will take for me to find a job. “That on my personal experience it will not take long and I could bet on that.”

3. Not only will alleviate part, if not all of the tensions, on our economic needs but will give us breathe of fresh air on everything else.

Even when Angel face is lighting up our life with laughs and good company does not change the fact of being worry about our financial situation.

Another thing that is on mind is that we are now a family of three, with this new addition to our family and is one more mouth to feed, yes; I’m talking about the doggy.

I have been trying to crunch the numbers of what has to be paid at this time and point, and the numbers don’t look pretty. Especially because the rent is coming and $ 630.00 is not going to cover much considering our rent is $549.00 so the remaining amount will have to pay for food and nothing else.

Therefore, either a miracle happens and someone we know wins the lotto and helps us out or we will be on deep troubles, because we also have that dam car title loan to pay that if the stupid fuel pump would not stop working at that freaking time, we will be by now out of it. And that crap really put us behind, back again.

Just as curiosity if you were in our place what would you do?

We also are going to try catholic charities for the papers. I thought you have to belong in a church for them to help you. However, according to her, you do not need to belong to any church, and I hope she is right on this information. It would be nice if they are willing to help us with the immigration process.

When I thought about it, and I meant the links for donations, it did sound like a wonderful idea, however, on my opinion a couple of dollars here and there from different people will not cause a burden on their finances but apparently it does.

I will keep the donations links for more time to see, if we get the help from catholic charities. Well I will remove links from the blog but if not I hope other blogers come and share this with their contacts and friends, thru email, tweeter and Facebook or any other way possible. That will help tremendously. And for that I thank you.

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