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Process and analysis of Becoming a Permanent Resident part "ONE"

This is part one of how many forms and money is require to become residen

Becoming a permanent resident and a citizen is a long and learning process. This paper will explain the steps to become a permanent resident and the steps to become a citizen. What are the expectations out of the immigrant?

When coming into the United States the immigrant has to make sure that, he or she comes in the correct way. There are many ways to go about becoming a permanent resident and here are a few of the ways. The Website of (USCIS) the article “Who May Apply to become a Lawful Permanent Resident While in the
United States” states, “One way is on Employment visa through he or she employer in the United State the employer has to fill out a petition.” (USCIS) “Second, way is through a Family member that is a United States citizen then they can do a family-based visa petition.”(USCIS) “Third, way is tourist visa, which is a B-2 visa he or she can apply for residency while in the United States.” (USCIS)

If the immigrant is on the B-2 visa while in the United States and the immigrant married an U.S. Citizen, then there are filling procedures to follow to obtain the permanent residency. The U.S Citizen that is married to the immigrant is the petitioner. As the petitioner, the person is responsible to keep up with the updates in addition, make sure all forms are current. The petitioner can download the forms from the site of (U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services) know as the (“USCIS”) that is the main immigration site. The break down of each form and cost are as followed; first, form is Petition for Alien Relative the cost of this form is $365.Second, form is the Biographical Information cost of this form is Free. Third, form is the Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status this form cost $930 plus a biometrics fee of $80. Fourth, form is the Supplement A Form I-485 cost of this form is $1,000. Fifth, is the Affidavit of Support this
form is a very important form. This is for the petitioner that he or she fills out it shows the Immigration that the petitioner is going to be responsible for the immigrant. If the petitioner falls under the guidelines of poverty then there has to be a Co-Signer and the Co-Signer has to fill out the Affidavit of Support form this form
is free. Sixth, is the Medical Examination that the form is free but the Exam cost $200 the immigrant has to go to one of the doctors that are listed on the site. Seventh, form is Application for Employment Authorization the cost is $340 lastly, this form is if the immigrant wants to Travel outside of the country only for family emergency and that form cost $305 if applicable.

Once the petitioner fills out the forms, the petitioner has to collect all documents to complete the packet. The documents includes copies of both Driver Licenses, Certified copy of Marriage Licenses, petitioners copy of Social Security Card, the immigrants copy of Passport, and I-94 and Visa, Certified copy of both Birth
Certificates, Utilities Bill, Copy of Rental Lease also copy of receipts. If the immigrant or petitioner have been divorced in the past then it is required to have a certified copy of divorce decree, petitioner has to provide proof of Tax information.

If the immigrant has an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number will need to have a copy of that number. Bring along pictures of the wedding and pictures of being together with friends. Immigration suggests bringing as much information to the meeting. Make sure that the fee’s are in individual money orders.

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  1. Becoming a citizen if you aren't natural born sounds like nothing short of a hellish process. While I'm thankful that I didn't have to go through all that mess, I still wish I didn't live in the states. While it's more "free" than some other places, there's also a lot of things having to do with society and the politics of the states that I just don't like. It's not, in a lot of places, the kind of place that is easy or fun trying to get by.


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