Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally, are things taking a turn for the better or the worse:

After much time and effort finally I came to a conclusion, it could not be the best of all but every time I am watching TV, I find some times amusement not only the news but different programs on it, and I did notice that in some way are on better position, on the way how to distract people of the bad news with news of different matter, that are as well important, but the important matters that move our sole existence, are given a second place, giving all the attention to the trivial things like the who is on the very first place on gossiping of TMZ and other entertainment programs.

Finding people who is participating on contest shows to win thousand of dollars like on Wheel of Fortune or Deal or no Deal, shows making us think that there is no economical crisis at all, but reality are we turning for the better or for the worse.

The way I see it is, we are coming to be total hypocrites because we are not seeing the big picture here. We suppose to be help each other, and those who need us, extending the helping hand, I am not saying just for the help I been asking myself, but for the help that even our own family could use or the neighbor next door.

In addition, I notice few TV commercials that bring the sensible human being on us, making us think of the needy like the kids from under develop countries, which I think they are the future. The commercials of the SPCA against cruelty of animals, which they make me, cry to the bone, because I do love animals. However for some reason the people is not being able to help a stranger, because understandable it is the fact that all of us got burn by helping others on some point in time on our life, but that does not mean that we suppose to stop helping others.

If I would count the times of helping people and getting burn by them, I could write a book. Knowing it does hurt when someone abuses of your kindness however, I pick up the pieces and recover after sometime. Trying to trust someone again is hard to do.

Will the common sense ever kick in? I think! Should I stop this non-sense of helping others? Probably never because it is my nature, even when we look everywhere it seems people are cheating, either the system, their partners, spouses, friends; and family. I should put a little salt on the open wound. Should we turn our heads the other way? On the other hand, what shall we do?

I think this and probably you disagreed with me, but I think chances are that one day you or someone close to you will need the help and when that happened and you don’t find no one to provide that help, you will find out how frustrating this is, if you or someone you know is not experiencing right now, well there is and expression that says, if the horse throw you of the settle get up dust off and get on it again, which no many people do for fear of falling off again.

For some saving a kid or a dog means the world to do it, I think it should mean the universe if they help some one that is pleading for help.

I will ask you what do you think?


  1. I wish that the desire to help the common good would overpower the desire of the self in the general population, but unfortunately it's a hard-fought battle to even convince others that we, as a society (and not just in the States, in many places) are too selfish to really succeed.

    See, helping others in need helps bring about peaceful change. It brings a sense of community, belonging, and accomplishment. Whenever I can, I give to various charities, although I never can donate more than a few bucks, although if EVERYONE were to kick in just a few pennies here and a few pennies there, the results would be huge and it wouldn't be a strain on anyone's wallet.

    Nice post, thanks for sharing. :)


  2. Some people ignore the world's problem so they won't feel guilty about having so much. I wish I could give to every charity I come across and volunteer where I can, but we are living paycheck to paycheck and my husband gives his job all he has. It is a part of nature that there will be those with a lot and those doing without, it is part of the balance of the world. However, what is being overlooked is what those with plenty are responsible to do with what they have. Live a lavish life or help those who can't help themselves, for various reasons.
    Same thing with war and peace, it's all about balance and population control. It sounds harsh but it's true. I wish it wasn't. As long as we have men communicating with each other we will have war, it is their nature. I think Pres. Obama must have been raised different by his mother because he is looking for peace and bringing our most desperate needs to the public and trying to find acceptable solutions.
    If ever a MAN could lead us to peace and back onto the road of prosperity, I believe it will be hm or, at the least, he will get us to the right path before his term ends.


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