Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Second Battle:

As I say on my last story, it was not going to be my last battle. However, the time when I had to take up on one of the biggest decisions live on the same pattern I was living or move to find better future for myself.

Few days after my encounter with ASMODAY or ASHMEDAY, I have an epiphany of how things were going to be if I did not prepare myself before the trip to the United States, especially knowing that I was going to have a new beginning in life.

That night I contact my friend Isloar and I told him my decision of moving to the U.S. He said to me, well I am going to tell you this, before you came, I saw a premonition of you getting yourself in a place far away and having a lot of trouble, if you do not channel the right protection, you will suffer possible death before make it to your destination.

I reply to him well then you know why I am here before I said anything to you, he answer yes. Therefore, he suggested for us to go to a place he knew to call the good spirits, was 1hr and half away, known as GOD's bridge. It was the coldest day of the year, we make the trip knowing there will be more wormer than it was in QuerĂ©taro.

This is the tourist guide

in addition, the link to go and see more detailed
In addition, I found some photos of the area to give and idea how the place is and give more input to the story.

He prepare the altar and all we need for the trip, however he also suggested me to find which angels we need to channel for protection and channeling the guardian of the traveler, or for the safe journey EZGADI is one of them but I also need it on my side HAMABIEL one of the angels that Influence Taurus. This is my sign.

He also prepare his gold medallion with the name HAFAZA consider as a group of angels that protect against dark spirits and I wrote on parchment paper the name of LAHABIEL and as I know helps the archangel Raphael on the protection against dark spirits as well.

On the night after camping for the day we prepare the area close to the cave as the ritual commence we heard this deep growl very known to my friend and I. Yes, it was the same fall angel, who tormented and scares the group that night on the mine. In addition, just by the corner of my eye I saw other entities with it.

We continue the ritual as we did on the mine but this time we have all the right people to do this suddenly the weather change and start storming bad the rain star flooding the cave quick. I remember the name of the angel that controls the rain and I start calling his name MATAREL in the name of the all mighty, creator of the Universe I command you to stop this rain, until the end of this ritual. Shine cherubs, seraphs, take the message to him in case my words do not reach him make him stop the rain or we will drown. At soon we said AMEN and the rain stop completely.

After that, we heard ASMODAY or ASHMEDAY. Growl again and the candles flickered and we heard wind blowing hard outside, I continue with the calling of NADIEL known as the protector of the month of December and the immigrants in other countries.

At the time, I make my petition for protection and guidance I continue having some personal attacks I did have three big scratches, on the back the neck and on the stomach.

However, that did not stop until he start attacking the rest of the group, for our misfortune the one that cause all the problems in the group, after the demon lift from him he took it back and he was performing the dark arts, and we did not knew at the time.

However, that did not stop until he start attacking the rest of the group, for our misfortune the one that cause all the problems in the group, after the demon lift from him he took it back and he was performing the dark arts, and we did not knew at the time.
On the side of the rock that you can see here on this picture Isloar the shaman say a few words on Mayan and the rock start glowing with the name of the offender. He said make saint death put end to the relationship batwing him and us and put the strong mantle of your energy unveils just light to his intentions in order for this falling angel stop bean commanded by him and set him free of his wrong doings or let him suffer tree times the same pain.

After he finishes saying that, the name on the rock wall got on fire. However, I did continue with the following prayer to The 9 angelical choirs the following prayer is an invocation to the entire heavenly host, gathered at the Nine Angelic Choirs, in order of power and magnitude, the following: Seraphim or Seraphs, Cherubim or Cherubs Thrones, Dominions or Domains, Powers or Potency, Virtues, principalities, archangels, and angels. This prayer could be performed in times of danger or when you want to contact angels and ask for something important. If you pray, everyday gives continuous protection making it, to their homes and loved ones.

On behalf of the Creator of the universe and the Angelic Choir of Spirits excels: Bright SERAPHIM, Fire and ruby, Surround me, bring love mi. Powerful CHERUBS, which shining as the sun, and Remove from me the hate, the sorrow, and the pain. THRONES, be firm, be stable with crystal wings, and keep me stable, on land or at sea.

I invoke to the DOMAINS, in just invocation that be fair always in any decision. I ask the protection and am safe. To the POWERS Save me from the danger, from the evil and the treachery. Miraculous VIRTUDES float next to me that the virtue guides me come, come to me. PRINCIPALITIES bring the peace to the world. That is blessing, in deep delight. Glorious ARCHANGELS, guide me in the way. That to do the charity became always my destination. Oh, divine ANGELS, which serve the Creator. That this way also I serve, in light, in peace and love. Amen.

We saw a bright light coming from the falls on the opposite side of the cave that surrounds us, and the feeling of peace was made with all the angels to never have again to deal with these falling angels and the ones who serve them.


  1. Very lovely place...

    I hope your angels continue to protect you and keep you from harm in your new home, America!

    Merry Christmas and a Blogging Great 2010, Armando!


    Honorary BHF Coffee Shop Hostess-In-Chief &
    High Chief Mucky Muck of B3 & TLB2

  2. thank you And merry christmas to you too, i will have another story hopefully soon.
    In regard to the Angels, hopefully they will protect you as well, blessings to you and happy holidays, especially i wish you a very happy new year.


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