Sunday, November 1, 2009

The big earthquake:

Years after having my parents divorce and experience some other phenomenon and new abilities like déjà vu and astral voyage I was going to experience another of the most crucial ability for my own survivor and the survivor of my siblings and family.

I was going to experience the premonition this was the year 1985 my mom and I move from the capital of México City to a relatable small city two and a half hours from México but my mom was still dealing with a hole of paperwork to have her completely transfer from her job to the new place.

Two nights before she was going to go back to México to sign some documents to make it official the transfer I did have a very disturbing dream I thought. However, on reality, it was a premonition about the big earthquake that was going to take place in the next day and I saw building collapsing and many deaths and injure.

As little as I knew, I was going to play a role on my mom’s survival. I told her on the morning about my dream and how things were going to happen and the precision of the occurrences got my mom of guard. I told my mom it is going to be bad if you go, please stay home that day, my mom as always she not exactly understood and keep saying it was just a dream honey, nothing is going to happen.

Notice that my mom did not believe me I try say more details like the exact day and time of the event I said September 19, 1985 7:18 in the morning, 8.1-magnitude earthquake and it will last for nearly 3 minutes.

She was astound of the precision of my prediction or dream as she call it, so the night before I sneak on the middle of the night to her room and turn of her alarm clock knowing she will say in the morning that she did not hear the alarm and over sleep, and she will be fine.

The quake on September 19 was centered 250 miles west of the city but, due to the relatively unstable ground underneath the city, serious shaking lasted for nearly 3 minutes, as I predicted. The prolonged ground movement caused several old hotels, including the Regis, Versailles, and Romano, to crumble. A building at the National College of Professional Education fell, trapping hundreds of students who were attending early-morning classes. Many factories in the city, built with shoddy materials, also could not stand. Further, the tremors caused gas mains to break, causing fires and explosions throughout the city.
When the damage was finally assessed, 3,000 buildings in Mexico City including in that list the one my mom was going to be to singing her paperwork were demolished and another 100,000 suffered serious damage.

Her youngest brother was living in México on the time of the earthquake and was the one that called mom in the morning and woke her up after all was over more or less 8:45. My mom turned the TV on and saw the news not believing her eyes and for some reason not speaking to me because she did not understood why I was so precise but until this day she still thinking that she over sleep so I will never tell her the opposite.

Like this other premonitions came along however some of them cause I great deal of pain and suffer to others making me feel not just uncomfortable but very frustrated of not been able to help or say nothing to no one.

On a recollection of the several events were hurricanes, floods and others, either natural phenomena or man made. I was destined apparently not to have riches or fortune because the only time I did was close to win a jackpot of lotto was before I move to the U.S... For different factors and circumstances was unable to play the numbers that I dreamt which, came out. I did not have buy the ticket no one win the accumulated amount that day so if I got the ticket I would be rich by now but destiny work his way around and stop you from doing things that will go against your true objective as warlock or shaman as we are call in México personally prefer warlock.

I will post more later on the week thanks.


  1. A very interesting story, Armando. There is so much we don't understand about this world.

  2. I truly believe in premonition and visions -- I have had my own as well. The night before our apartment/house burned, I could smell it. It was the same smell from after burning... a sickly, moldy, plastic-y odor. Marco couldn't smell it, nor could he after it burned down, although everyone else could smell the place afterward.

    Hope your wife is doing better soon and wishing you both wellness and happiness. I'll keep you two in my thoughts!

    Hasta luego,

  3. Bruce, Jenno I thank you for your comments I think is part of what I am and I have to live with it, plus the other kind of virtues or abilities I have.
    I will say I do appreciated deeply your good whishes for my wife
    she is better and she appreciated too

  4. i live in an earthquake state. would you please give me a headsup when the next big one is coming? i went through one and really don't want to go through it again. thanks.


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