Monday, October 5, 2009

The desperation times that brought me up here:

Was sometime ago when I decide to come to the US, and the story start when I was in a little town of Queretaro, México. Very historic town or city properly call, on that city I complete my education. My mayor, graphic arts, and design, when I was still on school I decide to start my own business, and talking to other co students, find my partner and good friend sharing the same ideas and ambitions.

Everything was going to set our destiny in motion, when I was 16 year old I was working for and office that did trade of imports and exports, which paid only, commission, and very low salary but thanks to the commissions, I save enough money for the future. The age of 20, when I decide to start this business I have all set to start. Did not need a partner but I thought it could be a good chance to grow fast on the business if we could take more jobs together than by my own.

I register the business on my corporate name, and we start to work with some of the contacts I generate through my earliest years on that agency. The business start booming thanks in part of that and part of my partner ability to generate more business contacts, but we were un attending, the production part, which starting to hurt the business. I talk to my partner and we agreed that we need to get more people involve maybe some sales person and some one to help on the production department and it was set I was going to find the person for the production department and my partner the sales representative.

Time went by and we did find the two people we needed however, one of them was going to give us a nasty stab on the back. The sales person was doing a astounding job on that department because the sales when up another 35% which was really good, and between my partner, I and the helper on production we were striving. One day our sales person came to us with tragic news about one of his family members and we believe that the fair thing to do was let him go and take care of the problem he was having. We let him know that his job will be secure with us when he comes back so he left that day and we did not hear anything else from him after few months later.

Later on time went by and we found out that he commit fraud by taking some money from our best clients we have in the company. He was asking them for advance money to complete the order which on my work orders was imprint on clear and legible letters we do not take advance money on any job and at the end of the job will be paid after approve from costumers.

Of course he ingeniously convince my costumers to give him a 50 % or more to do the job and we find out that when I was being sue by the collective of those costumers, I manage to paid back all the money he took. However, my business was completely destroy all our savings were gone and our reputation was destroyed by this crook to make things worse I was so mad at my partner in business that after making the proper arrangements to finish the partnership, we sold all the equipment, computers, printers, and more. We dissolved the relationship completely.

I try to start the business with different name but still on my registration on the tax office was not going to be no change because ones you have a business the number they assign to you is unique you can change the name of the company but not the number.

Making things worse the economy was not helping, my business was suffering, and I was loosing. I decided to close the business for good and start working for someone else. Being paid a miserable salary and lot of hours. Sometime after I decide to give myself a break from the degree that I earned and stat working on a HOTEL as bell person and valet parking on the 3rd shift. Working on 3rd shift is not exactly anyone’s cup of tea but the money was good and things were different. Some time after the economy was starting to affect the Hotel industry as well. I decided to find something else to do but there was not much to choose. The money would not covering the expenses of the home I share with my mother because as many would say I am old fashion and help mom out with the rent which make me more responsible in life.

After some years of struggle, I decide to have a fresh start and that is when I came across with the idea of coming to the U.S. and sold the car I own and some of my most of my possessions. This money was to help me on my way to the American dream. I knew a friend here on the U.S that he have his own business and I work with him for a while, which help me thru some time to get by. This also gave me a chance to find out more about how things work here and know the laws and the language, which was the difficult part to get to the point I am now. I decide to get my tax id and pay my taxes to be in good with the Uncle Sam. After some time my friend got me into the electrical trade and start to learn how to do things right, when thing got tougher with the economy I was my self on the crossing roads of going back to México or stay and roll with the punches. I thought lets see how things are.

I met my sweet and wonderful wife and my companion for life and thought this is going to be my destined to be this way. She was on the mist of deciding to go back home to Ohio or stay here in Texas which was my same dilemma, we start to talk and get know each other and for that I am so grateful that she stay, with time we became good friends and now husband and wife. Yes as many other couples we have our problems but we try to get them solve together and stay strong as marriage.

Now we are facing the hardest test of our marriage hopeful that this will make us strong on it and prove to every one that thought this marriage was not met to be that they were wrong and we can conquer the world if we stay together.

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