Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stories from the other side of the coin:

Was some time ago and I do not say much about it, but I will try to be as accurate possible. All start with being the only child my mother have do to a thrombosis pos- partum, my mother a true believer of God and a Catholic she was sure every thing was going to be just fine. When the time finally came she did not expected any complications.

Suddenly something happen and I arrive to the world a healthy boy but something was on door for me, because it does run on my family, nothing to concern nobody but to concern only me, does not mater which religion you are or belong and that was going to change completely the life I was going to start.

This comes from every three generations and that is passes from grandfather to grandson. The best part is that whatever was going to be, only the boy of the first direct born from the first son “in this case my dad” will carried this that for many will sound like a curse, but for others is a gift of god. My Dad did not have any of it but as well as my grandfather has it and his grandfather and so on and so on.

Therefore, when the time comes for the grandchild to finally he will have all the different abilities acquire true time at first comes the retrocognition and with it the knowledge of his legacy and how this amazing thing should be use and treasured.

In reference of meaning of Retrocognition (also known as postcognition), from the Latin retro meaning "backward, behind" and cognition meaning "knowing", describes "knowledge of a past event which could not have been learned or inferred by normal means".

Retrocognition has long been held by scientific researchers into psychic phenomena to be un-testable, given that, in order to verify that an accurate retrocognitive experience has occurred, it is necessary to consult existing documents and human knowledge, the existence of which permits some contemporary basis of the knowledge to be raised.

After that, the grandparents chose the time for the boy to teach him how to utilize those abilities as advantage and not disadvantage. To protect him either self or the ones he loves.

At the age of seven, the first premonition comes in to place. This comes by showing him the power and how to understand the meaning of his abilities. Every 7 years he will experience another of these abilities on full bloom.

Reference of the meaning Premonition is an impression, often perceived as a warning, of a future event (from the Latin praemonēre, to forewarn: prae-, pre- + monēre, to warn). It bears similarities to the concept of second sight in that it frequently comes in the form of a paranormal vision or as a vivid dream.

Then the process of learning how to invocation and evocation comes in a long process of preparation from grandfather to grandson.

Most people with some background in metaphysics know the process of invocation. When you invoke, you open yourself to a specific energy or entity, parts of which you draw inside yourself by establishing a place of manifestation within yourself. How much you draw inside yourself is determined by how much space you make.

If the process of invocation goes out of control, then states of possession can ensue. This happens all too often when the person practicing invocations does not prepare and protect properly.

Channeling without protection can be dangerous and all too often attracts the wrong entity. This state of affairs is not helped by the naive way in which so many metaphysically inclined people believe anything told them which is the result of channeling.

A stupid being does not become wise merely by dying, nor does a malicious being become benevolent. Logical thinking is needed more in metaphysical matters than in everyday affairs. Runes are such that their impact via invocation can easily be modified and limited to what is desirable.

Contrary to popular belief, the process of evocation is harmless. The evocative energies becoming invocative can be the threat to the practitioner who did not know how to protect himself.

In evocation, the energies or entities evoked manifest outside the practitioner. This situation permits the triggering of immensely powerful energies. If these energies become invocative, i.e. if they invade the "circle of protection" then the practitioner may become overcharged. This is a potentially dangerous situation, and can lead to states of possession, because energies of a high order have a dimension of personification. In extreme circumstances the physical death of the unprotected practitioner could occur.

To avoid such problems with evocations, the practitioner has to have knowledge of a specific determinism and of the structure of the magical universe.

The cartomancy, palm reading and others comes after, the other abilities comes with time, and the only thing is that all this abilities don’t get lost for the inability to pass it to your direct blood line.

Now this abilities are enhance true time, if I am unable of having my own grandchild the linage is not lost, even if you don’t have more brothers on direct blood line because if you have a half brother like in my case, I have, his son will provide the cid for that transduction of those abilities to be preserve.

Even if my predecessors or I are not any longer on this physical world, we will communicate our knowledge with the proper clues for him, to know which his destiny and his legacy would be.

The ability of been able to communicate with the entities or energies, eider with good or evil ones comes it self as you grew up and enhance true time too. See impressions of sprits or ghost as many people interpret this events better known as haunting is the most complex ones because they will come to you eider to help you or for help, also in some cases to harm the ones close to you. Until they complete their time on the spirit world and pass to the light. Or fall to the category of becoming demons condemn being torment souls of this world.

Some people will fear this and think is a course in stead of a blessing, also on UK and US we became to be considered as Warlock's or male witches wizards or sorcerers, in the tribal culture we are consider shaman or which doctor so make your own judgment on how you wish to address my titles. If all this sound as a fantastic story to many this is my inevitable reality.

I will post some of my outer experience and thing that I couldn’t control, or say non about it for fear of being retaliated on some way, or being misinterpret, and as I say this is for protection or help others but with limitations, not to have fame or fortune.


  1. thanks for the follow. i have a little experience on 'the other side' but i don't like to talk about it. in fact, i don't even want to think about it. will be interesting to see what you had gone through though.

  2. thanks for your replay i will post some more about it late during the week


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