Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hello! U.S.

Today do not have much news to say besides that we are going to have a nasty weather in TX, at least for the rest of the week ahead. Never less today, I talk to my mother and did not have the courage to tell her, that because the rugged economy my wife is going to have to put on hold, her school or as she, say lets put it on the back burner for now.

My wife took this decision because things are not being easy for us at all. We don’t have food or money for gas for the car that she can go back and forward to her job hoping someone could help. Today we had to go to the food pantry and ask for food.

My wife and I have a long discussion about it because I think she has been working hard to get this far in college. My wife said to me if I do not do this right now, we are going to be toast the economy is not improving, and we burn all the bullets, “(bank, short loans from mom, and friends and we still not clear on the money for the papers)”.

We really need to do that in order for me to start working and possibly then she could go back to school, but for now that was her decision. Some way I disagreed on it is her decision and I will respect it.

Some times personally hope some generous person will come to my blog and donate some generous sum of money to be done and over with, with this issue and I know that may be an opium dream, but hope they come reality.

In addition, I know that the economy is not the best for any one to be realistic. However, a little help 3 dollars or 5 would not hurt much and it might sound like I am cyber begin but in reality don’t know what other way I could help considering the facts of not being able to work legally, if you were on my situation wouldn’t you? Beg someone to help you.

Please read my post fully and you will see that I am not just doing this for the heck of it also I am doing this to express how I feel and how this is being affecting us in general, also to help me get better on my construction of my sentences in English. Why not get one or two points across, and heard others opinions about my blog and others blogs which I do enjoy reading.

Last but not least, I been not seen much respond from bloggers on comments, and yes I do appreciated the fact that I do have now few more followers at least more than I was expecting. First and to them my hart and soul because they make me have hope that every thing is possible, also inspire me to continue writing even when I do not have much to say.

Thanks and God bless you all.

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