Thursday, October 15, 2009

Few moments of uncertainty:

If you were interested on last post, I bet you will find this very interesting. It was the year of 1981, I was alone on the apartment building on México City my dad was working was a one of those days what you will not thing nothing unusual, could happen I was on my room and suddenly I stop on my tracks when a chill of cool air was behind my neck.

Was not going to pay much attention to it but I was going to be scare out of my pants. When I heard a voice of a woman calling my name on the living room knowing my self my mom was not on the apartment at that time because she went to the grocery store near by and she could not be back that soon.

I did heard again this voice telling me to come, and so I did stop what I was doing and walk out of the bedroom feeling a drop on the temperature right by the hallway, connecting the bedrooms to the living room dining room.

Being cautious I walk to it and I saw a woman standing in a ghostly image, she say please help me, I do not know how I end it here, I say to her what was the last thing she remember. “she replied to me she was going on the street walking to her apartment building” which I did ask her where was that, at the time she told me it was just across from my building, because my grandfather told me already this was part of my legacy was calm.

I did never thought that it was going to happened that soon I was just 10 years old and this lady was on my home asking for help.

I keep asking questions to her, like how you came in to my home she could not answer me that, but she keep repeating, “I need to know what happen.” I did ask her if I could touch her at soon as I did it, a flash of what happen just came to me.

I was on the street and saw a car coming to me at very hi speed at total panic I broke the connection between her and I.

Told her you were run over by a car, she say it cannot be my baby is on the apartment alone her dad will come after 3 pm.

I just went to get bread and milk and the baby is sleep. I said to her we do not have much time to lose you will have to go to the light so tell me your apartment number she told me the number and I run out the door my mom was not home yet so I just grab my keys and flew.

By the time I was out she was next to the door of her building and a bunch of people was there waiting for the paramedics to come, but it was mater of time either she could be save or she will walk to the light.

My mom was parking the car and she said to me that I should not be out. I replied that a lady left her baby alone on her apartment she came to ask for help, of course my mom did not understood why I say that and being a social worker. She cross street and a guy was giving the lady CPR because she was unresponsive. By the time my mom reach the opposite side of the street the lady came to her in ghostly figure and say to me, “thank you for your boy for helping, but I do not see no light what should I do”.

I say you might have a chance to live so she said thanks again and she start responding to the person giving her the CPR my mother start to help and she got the information from people of the building that she have a baby and probably was alone.

The paramedics arrive the husband was going to be notified by my mom and she talk to the porter of the building to open the apartment and take care of the baby. In the meantime, the husband came and figure out if his wife was going to be ok.

Fortunate she was ok and my mother probably because the commotion at the moment did not notice that I did toll her about it, and she don’t remember much about either, I do not know why but of the different times my abilities shown, she don’t have recollection of it.

May be because is a defense mechanism on her side because she do not find natural those things personally I do not know.

In addition, I do have more stories to tell but I will try to make them as short and decrypted possible. However, for now I am going to rest and let you with a thought.

Never fear the things you do not see because they are out of your comprehension, or the logical explanation. Fear the ones you see, and you cannot control nor have an understanding of them.

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  1. it was an amazing event. it's also amazing how you stayed calm during the whole thing. i wonder how she knew what your name was..


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