Saturday, July 10, 2010

What does "out and about" really mean?

Personally, to me means is taking care of many things I would much rather ignore, like the undeniable truth of reality. Every one needs to face it. Otherwise, it will turn around and bite you in the butt. Nevertheless, we procrastinate about it and we refuse to believe many of the things, we are letting go for not being active in our day-to-day life.

Some people will say, “I wish the day had an extra hour to have enough time to do my errands.” Others will say, “All you need is to organize yourself time wise” and others may not even worry about saying anything to you at all because they are to worried about being out and about themselves.

The simplest way to say it might be “mine your own business”, which sounds rude and selfish. The reason why I say this is because let us face it. There is too much pain and suffering around us.

Oil prices raised and fall, unsure markets. Economically speaking.

Different natural like hurricanes, tsunamis, floods,  and man-made disasters, good example BP oil spill, which will make us, desensitize as human beings.

Yes, we have been having a lot of time on our hands to think on the meaning of it. In addition, I should say the deepest meaning of “Out and about”.

Not just doing our own things, but also helping others doing their own things, proving the helping hand finding solutions to common problems and stop being intolerant. It is too easy to blame others of what we are not doing than to blame the real villains here, “Our fears”.

If the phrase “out and about”, was properly broken down in two parts, and get basic meaning. I will do it the following way. OUT: looking and reaching out for others with the same ideals of greatness, and the belief that everything has a solution, also learn more what the power and law of attraction does because these will bring to you what you're asking for. ABOUT: on the move to find understanding all around or on all sides of the feelings of others movement to or among many different places, beliefs and cultures without negative taught.

After all, when somebody asked you what have you been doing and your answer is “out and about” think if you have been doing any of those things. Regardless your answer, it will be always your answer in addition, regardless of what I think. Are you reaching out and about others?

Note from the author:

My prolonged absence on the blog is being due to personal family and medical reasons I hope I will be able to continue blogging on a regular basis thanks and blessings to all.

Armando Abreu.

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