Monday, July 25, 2011

Another small step accomplished

Finally I am glad to inform that my process is moving steady and slowly but surely however every day that passed by feels like an eternity sometimes I wish the waiting part was over I am part of the system I've been fingerprinted and photographed by USCIS. (United States Citizen and immigration service) I am hopeful, in the following weeks, I will hear or receive a letter stating my appointment with the apartment above mention it.

Sadly, even with this should be a happy moment, trouble arose my heart, because my dearest wife is not doing so well health wise. Her doctor is want to get her off her job for good and the reason is here legs are having a serious case of cellulites, even with the medications sometimes she is in a lot of pain and if she suffer I suffer with her as well.

So this short lines is to ask if you believe in the power of prayers prayed for her I personally don't ask you to do the same for me not because he will not be appreciated but because she needed the most.

God bless you all happy blog's and nevertheless, positive thinking that any trouble have solution with the prayers and faith on a higher power does the matter what culture you are or what beliefs you have you have to believe that is something in this universe bigger than you bless you all sincerely your fellow blogger Armando Abreu.

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