Monday, February 8, 2010

Where society is going:

Lately, I have noticed more and more. How things go around us and around the world, for instance. I would say that it does not matter what color of the skin we are or what type of religion we practice. We are all humans -- and that is the only fact that no one can deny.

Unfortunately, more often than ever, we see people for their color or for their religion. Even for their nationality, I might not be a US citizen yet, or even a resident of United States yet. However, with my point of view I hope that will give you some insights, of how society is going to end if we keep doing what we have been doing for generations.

I will try to go to the root of the problem, I seen how people cheat the system.

Someone told me once. If someone really cares about you, he will hurt you with the truth. However, if they do not care about you, they will kill you 1000 times with their lies.

I was having a conversation with one of my neighbors. I found out that there are people that can help you if they can, and if they want too. However, finding out that even if you try your hardest, people will not understand what is going on. Even on the other side of the coin, knowing that this one exist and they will not even bother in trying to finding out what is going on.

We live at an apartment community that more than often seems to me, they are money hungry. My wife and I notice recently that the office it is not being taking care of on the cleaning part. My wife and I, we being extremely tight on our finances, and we thought why you do not give us a chance to clean the office. Therefore, you can pay us $30 that will help us and that will make the office more attractive and cozy to the public.

Unfortunate, the respond that we have was, -- sorry guys, we cannot help you with that, because you are not a company and you are not bounded and insured and if something happened to you we will be liable. -- for the last five months if not more, that office is not being clean. Therefore, you can imagine what kind of impression give to the new possible tenants or residents of the community.

Another good example will be plasma centers. Usually plasma is on high demand for hospitals, as well as blood, my wife is not able to donate plasma due to medical reasons. However, I can, and we thought, well, I can donate plasma and at least will have $30 to get some food in the house. She calls this place and asks -- do we need any type of documents to bring with us? -- the answer, you have to have your Social Security card and your driver license, which I do have. Therefore, because I do not have a Social Security -- that does mean, that my plasma is not good enough to save lives? Should I bother Then?

It is highly frustrating that the government apparently does not care about anything else other then their own interest, and many of you will think why I am saying this. The reason is that, when my wife took the decision to marry me. Accordingly to some rules. She will not be able to obtain any help. Even when she is a US citizen, who only tells me that your rights as many of you already know, they are not worth nothing. On top of that, she could go to jail, just because her heart told her that I was the right person to be married.

She could not apply for food stamps, but all the cheaters of the system do. Moreover, here is where I am going to hurt some feelings, and I am not generalizing. On the other hand, maybe I will do so. Hispanics, blacks, Hindus, Chinese, they have a bunch of kids and they get the help. Moreover, my wife and I we are not able to have kids on our own and with the procedures, tons of paperwork and money that we do not have. We cannot adopt either.

Sometimes we go to the food bank, because hardly with her check we can afford anything. In addition, we saw people coming to the food bank on a brand-new car or truck still with the temporary plates from dealership and something just clicks on my mind. What is wrong with this picture?

I know, this could sound harsh, but do you think that is right to spend gobs and gobs of money trying to defend the freedom of other countries. When they did not earn it by themselves.

Therefore, leave your own people, your own country defenseless of any terrorist attack, or major natural disaster. Just because, all your resources are being deployed on some other countries.

United States it is known as the land of the free. With this, I mean. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom from slavery and injustice, and I could keep going on and on.

However, some people will say. Freedom comes with a price with the men and women that serve the country and defend us from harm. In addition, Freedom comes with certain responsibilities, and those responsibilities are infinite and that is how I know you earn freedom.

However, all this that I just say for some, will make a lot of sense and for some, it will not even stick to their skin. Therefore, I could keep going and going, but I do not want to sound like a broken record. If you know that, you are doing wrong. Change your ways if you know that drinking and driving is wrong. Stop doing it. If you know that talking on the phone when you are driving could cause an accident, stop doing it.

If someone should be responsible of your own well-being is yourself. Because if you are not responsible then you will be abusing of that freedom, causing harm to yourself and others -- you would not give a three-year-old kid a gun or a bottle of scotch, because that will be very irresponsible.

Then use your freedom taking responsibilities of your own actions and do it wisely.
Help others the same way you will wanted to be help if you were in need. In addition, if you have a job but your neighbor does not have one. Talked to him and offer him something to do, like doing the laundry for you or mowing the lawn, pay him some money on the measure of your possibilities, but explained that to him, because honestly I don't think he will feel offended by your offering, because any money is better than no money at all.

I hope we help each other and reach for each other. I hope that will change. The darker future, we are facing, and I hope this is not just a dream for a better future, but a reality for all of us. Thank you and God bless you all.

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