Saturday, January 2, 2010

An angel disguised as a woman with a huge and generous heart:

A couple of days ago, when I was feeling really down emotionally I start replying to all the blogs, I follow and discover that one of them was an angel disguised as a woman. I know the economy is really in bad shape. However, she was able to donate to my blog. $20 through paypal for what I became speechless and very grateful.

I should say for whatever reason she did it proved to my wife and me that there are still great people out there. However, hope is the last thing we should lose. I know there is something inside each and everyone of us that care for others and that is what is describe as all of us being unique. Because before leaving someone suffers pain or anguish, we will give ourselves the thought of, what if I was on his shoes. In addition, we help some people with prayer. Some people help with money, and some people help with either moral support, clothes or food.

I have seen it with my own eyes. More than once, why wait until a tragedy occurs, to help others this has been on my mind all the time. However, I wish I could help others the same way I have been help, but at this time, it is impossible. I have to think if by any means I can help others, once I become a resident, I will do so with open heart.

I know a difficult topic that not many people touch, but it is anything on my physical body that can save lives. I will do so. That is another reason I wish to be a legal resident of United States that I can became an organ donor. In case of something happened to me or in case someone needs something from me that can save his or her life. In addition, if the economy changes for the better in the future, I will also help.

I reply to her to let her know how appreciative and grateful I am to her, because with her actions she throws to me a life jacket, without knowing if I will be helping others the same way She helped me, but I will. In addition, that is what it makes us closer to each other as humans.

When I saw that, act of generosity. I cry like a baby, and being long time since I cry. She did give me hope she gave me the strength to keep going. In addition, for that I am grateful. She did restore my faith in my brothers and on sisters.

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  1. Yes, it's amazing...

    You will find gems amongst the ruins of society, when you least expect it!

    Much better post Armando! Your writing, with the help of your wife, is much improved!



  2. WOW! Then congratulations on your solo effort, Armando! You are really doing much better!

    I studied languages in university so I KNOW the difficulties you face...

    Hard enough to write a blog but to do it in a foreign language, I tip my hat to you!

    See how you shaped your thoughts into manageable, tightly-worded paragraphs?

    That's the BEST way to write, especially when you're writing in a foreign language, at least, at first, and especially in the blog format.

    If you make the paragraphs too long and wordy, you will lose the reader's attention, as people's approach to online reading is much different than they're approach to curling up with a good book.

    They prefer an easy read with sentences that flow smoothly and have clear thoughts, and in this latest post of yours, you have achieved those goals!

    Congrats & Cheers Armando! (Big Smiles!)

  3. Sometimes the daily tests of life make us forget that the universe is truly an abundant place. For me, giving is the best way I know to live that truth. As we sow, so shall we reap. Wishing you health, happiness & prosperity!


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